Gisborne School Holidays

Gisborne Parents, Guardians, Kids...& Teens!

Our January School Holiday Programme is finally here!

All half-day workshops begin at 9:00 am and finish at 12:00 noon. Our doors open from 8:30 AM and close at 12:30 pm.

Topics of exploration this holidays:

Program a robot, then watch it make its own decisions and carry out tasks without any input– besides your own critical thinking. Work through design challenges to perfect your creation, and learn how crucial robotic design is in the real world.

*NEW* Bottle Rockets
Have fun designing, building and launching your very own water bottle rocket. Experiment with Isaac Newton’s third law of motion to see how high it can travel.

*NEW* Hackathon
Empower yourself to take control over your future and not just passively consume what someone else has designed. Be supported repurposing old tech and in hacking it to do something new!

Explore the basic concepts of coding using child-friendly visual programming platform Tynker. Once you’ve mastered the basics, come up with your own creative application of your learning. You’ll be able to keep working on your project from home – giving you time to perfect it and show the fambam how it’s done!

Augmented and Virtual Reality 
Explore the technology at the top of the totem pole thats on track to revolutionise the world around us. Create your own virtual world and then invite others to explore it.

3D Modelling 

Design and model your own 3D product using advanced technology that already plays a huge part in our world. Learn the basic techniques of Tinkercad, the leader in free 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

*NEW* Rube Goldberg Challenge 
Can you build a complex machine to complete a simple task such as turning on a light? Explore the science of physics while collaboratively constructing a chain reaction machine named after the American engineer and cartoonist, Rube Goldberg.

Explore concepts such as forces, pressure chemical change, conservation, human physiology and biomechanics to get ahead in an increasingly science-driven world. Get stuck in with hands-on challenges and demystify magic, stretching your scientific knowledge and wow you along the way. The perfect course for all aspiring Einsteins.

Harness stop-motion or digital animation technologies to bring inanimate objects to life. Tell your own story while exploring ideas of movement, expression, story-telling and film-making.

Practice problem-finding, problem-solving, collaboration as you explore the fundamental principles of engineering and enhance your creations with some electronic integration.

Film Making 
Master the art of storytelling using visual media. Conquer key filming concepts such as directing, filming, framing, composition and editing, and one day you’ll be giving Peter Jackson a run for his money. Please note: students may not come home with a complete film. We will upload all films to a private viewing channel so parents can view them at their leisure.

* NEW* ChatBot 
Explore the evolution of artificial intelligence by creating your own chatbot. Develop a chatbot that can answer questions about your favourite animal or tell hilarious jokes!

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