The Mind Lab's Term 4 Survival Kit

A centre for ideas, inspiration and much needed moments of calm to help our Aotearoa teachers get through the final term of a very strange year! Check back in for updates, new resources and ideas.

Part 4: Have some fun!
Inspiration for you: A good laugh

One of our favourite things about teaching the DCL programme is seeing teachers connect with each other and hearing the stories they share. Here are some some hilarious online collaborations about being in this profession:

Part 4: Have some fun!
For your students: Tinkercad Christmas models

Here are few video tutorials for your students to create 3D Christmas models:

Of course you could come up with your own design or do something completely different! Check out these Starter or Basic skills lessons resources.  

Part 4: Have some fun!
For your students: Scratch Christmas countdown exercise

We know there’s very little time left, and you have a lot to fit in. So why not give your students the task of creating a Scratch countdown exercise, so you can have a good 30 minutes to yourself?

A good learning activity and you can all celebrate how close we’re getting to the end of the year!

Get your students started with this full step-by-step video.

Part 1: Keep it real
Ideas for your students: Hear from a guest speaker

It doesn’t get more real-world than hearing from the real world. Invite a video-game reviewer into your English class, or an architect into your Maths class to help students understand the application of their learning. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to share their stories and experiences if you reach out.