Tech Toolbox

Finding it hard to keep up with tech-savvy millennials? Feeling considerably less than flash at work? Wanting to connect with grandkids? We’re here to help…


What is Tech Toolbox?

Tech Toolbox is an evening course for all adults who want to be more in-the-know with current technologies. It’s a fun, hands-on programme that lets you experiment with creative technologies, in a completely safe, judgement-free environment.

Each module focuses on a different technology, giving you an insight into the latest, most awesome and bound-to-impress tech. Expect to laugh, to be challenged, to succeed and to fail too. Whatever happens, you’ll leave empowered, inspired and exhilarated.

Module 1

Web Design

Explore and manipulate different WYSIWYG sites to build stunning web pages that allow users to navigate with ease.

By the end of the module. You’ll even know what WYSIWYG means!

Module 2

Animation & Filmmaking

Create digital stories using a range of software programs.

Imagine leaving your family – and generations to come – your legacy as told by you!


Module 3 

Robotics and Automation

Learn the principles of robotics and program a robot to perform basic functions. 

Playtime will never be the same again, now you don’t have to watch your children or grandchildren on tech, you can truly connect with them in their world.

Module 4 

3d Modeling and 3d Printing

Gain a basic understanding of 3d modeling. Create a model from scratch and set it up ready to print on the 3d printer. Make your own spare parts.

Module 5


Explore the programming in a few different programs. Discover that programming is not as hard a you might imagine – we promise!

Upcoming course

All modules consist of 2 x 2 hour sessions from 6pm to 8pm at our MOTAT location in Auckland

February 2020

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