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We’re pleased to be part of the online delivery of SciCon 2020 this year.

Watch our video presentation, view the slide deck and access useful resources and links.

Science & The Digital Curriculum

Dr David Parsons talks about the powerful relationship between the Digital Curriculum Areas and Science.

  • The two way relationship of two types of digital technologies (Computational thinking & designing for relevant digital outcomes) and how they can be integrated with topic-based learning, such as science.
  • How to use sensors (e.g. micro:bits) for simple classroom activities and scientific experiments
  • What Citizen Science is and how you can plan for your students to be citizen scientists
  • Zooniverse and the Galaxy Zoom project where students can contribute to real science
  • nQuire, a fantastic resource for kids to take part in ‘missions’ globally.

Watch the presentation


You can access the full slide deck here, or see below for direct links to the resources mentioned.

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