We’re proud to announce our new ADVANCE Education and ADVANCE Plus Scholarships!

ADVANCE Education Scholarships are available to all public school educators and entitle you to $1500 + GST off the tuition fees for the Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning. This leaves just $1,250 + GST for you or your school to pay.

Recipients from selected Decile 1-3 schools may also be eligible for a further $950 + GST discount in the form of an ADVANCE Plus Scholarship, leaving only the non-refundable $300 + GST registration fee to pay.  

Please check out the full Scholarships & Subsidies Information for more details.

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Required qualifications and experience

To apply for the 32-week part-time Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning, applicants must have an undergraduate degree or a Diploma in Education with 3 or more years’ experience.

To have someone contact you to tell you more about the programme fill in the form here.

Course fees

The course fees are $2,750 + GST

Interest free student loans are available to all students (see