Victoria Smith

Customer Experience Lead

While Victoria is not a new face within our walls, she has taken on a shiny new role as Digital Boost’s customer experience lead. This involves nurturing users through their Digital Boost journey and building meaningful and authentic relationships.

We think nurture is a pretty great word to describe her, and we’re already in awe of the way she is collaborating across government and non-government agencies to provide aligned guidance, support and training to future-proof New Zealand. She also aids in guiding SME’s across New Zealand to reach their  Digital business goals. 

Victoria has a vision to see New Zealand become a place where “decisions and forecasting are driven by real data and for people of all age groups/generations, genders, visible and non-visible disabilities and ethnicities to be valued in moving New Zealand forward.” She believes that exposure to science and technology from early childhood, with a focus on ideology and thinking - not just devices will help to make this a reality.

When not in the office, Victoria likes nothing more than a good episode of Glee - long live the singalong! 

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