Rochelle Thorn

Postgraduate Facilitator

Rochelle is a long-term member of the team, having worked on our Postgrad Certificate in Digital & Collaborative learning since 2015, just a year after it first launched. She’s seen the many changes The Mind Lab has been through, and has helped drive positive change for the programme based on learner feedback and the changing needs of the education industry.

Prior to joining The Mind Lab whānau Rochelle was an Academic Advisor at Victoria University in Wellington, Te Herenga Waka. However, winding it back a bit earlier, her introduction and passion for the world of education came through being an intermediate and secondary school teacher.

Rochelle has a Bachelor of Arts from Otago University and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching Secondary as well as a Master of Education from Massey University – so she sure knows what she’s talking about in the education space! She uses this knowledge to guide and empower our learners at The Mind Lab as they discover new ideas and new ways of doing things through our programmes. This is reinforced by her role in the Māori and Pacific support team, where she works with a group of other members of The Mind Lab whānau to give specific support to our Māori and Pacific learners across our programmes.

When pondering the future of education, Rochelle believes that our education must embrace ways of being and knowing, and knowledge bases that allow for equitable outcomes for all learners. She sees this as the way to transform our society into a sustainable one, allowing us to all thrive and prosper within.

If Rochelle could meet anyone it would be Te Whiti o Rongomai, a Māori spiritual leader and founder of the village of Parihaka. When asked about her 15 minutes of fame she claims she’s never had this kind of time in the spotlight, but that it’s definitely the way she’d prefer it, although we know she’d rise to the occasion no matter what. Her life anthem is a mix between Independent Woman, I Will Survive, and Thorn in my Side (bit of a wordplay there, nice!) And lastly, although her superpowers here at The Mind Lab are vast, she claims to be an expert in cleaning, what a handy party trick!