Robbie Chui

Digital Learning Lead

Using technology to deliver engaging and effective learning solutions is what Robbie is all about, making him a perfect fit for the Digital Boost team. With a background in education and digital learning solutions Robbie brings a wealth of knowledge to Digital Boost that will help to create engaging digital learning content for business owners to digitise their business operations.

Robbie’s philosophy is that “every decision should be backed up by data” and believes that in the future data, smart tools and algorithms will be used to personalise services and education across the board.

Outside of education, Robbie is a self-described “aviation geek” and would love the chance to sit down with the Wright brothers and discuss the miracle of flight. With this in mind it should come as no surprise that Robbie’s favourite song is “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra. It would be hard to imagine Robbie in a role outside of the education space, however, he almost had a career in the film industry after being cast as an extra in a Judge Reinhold movie, only to find out in the cinema that his scene had been cut. What could’ve been!

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