Madeleine Moore

Programme Coordinator

They often say that leadership is based on action, not position; Madeleine takes this sentiment with her through her day-to-day life. She is a natural at taking the lead and has a background in both Customer Service and Healthcare Administration so is all round a people oriented person - whether that's working beside or guiding them. 

Notably, Madeleine also has a passion for all things media. You can always count on her to be up to date with what is going on around the world. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies which she attained at Massey University and completed a year of study at UCLA as part of their University Exchange Programme. 

For the future of education, business, and technology, Madeleine believes that we start from the ground up. Looking at systemic issues under a magnifying glass and finding out how we can fix these with more modern solutions. From her perspective, these look something like mental wellbeing programmes throughout communities, sustainable practices and law reform. 

One of Madeleine's favourite animated films of all time is the 2005 classic 'Robots' which is all about a genius inventor wanting to meet his biggest inspiration. The main character of this film dreams of making the world a better place and believes that he has the capability to do so - just as Madeleine does. She connects greatly with the quote, "Find a need, fill a need,” and whether that be through consistent leadership or a passion for the job at hand; Madeleine knows it’s up to her to take that first step. 

Having Madeleine as a member of The Mind Lab team is incredibly valuable; both her passion for leadership and her conscientious effort in working little by little at something to make considerable change. Her contributions to The Mind Lab are a treasure, and we know that there will always be someone in the room to look up to when Madeleine is around. 

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