Jasmine Kim

Assistant Marketing Manager

In her role as assistant marketing manager, Jasmine helps drive all of our marketing activity – from social media, to events, to creating collateral, to brainstorming new campaigns, and everything in between! She has a background in retail marketing, specifically campaign management and brand marketing – and is loving the different learnings that come from marketing in an education environment. 

Jasmine has a double degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Film, TV & Media and Linguistics and English Language Teaching and Certificate in Trinity TESOL. 

For the future of work, Jasmine sees working remotely as leading the way. This means both education and businesses will need to transition many of their systems, tools and technology so that everything runs digitally – and continues to be efficient and effective. She believes that although the younger generation may be familiar with technology, many of them haven’t been exposed to the tools that most companies/education providers use and therefore need continued upskilling and support. Jasmine is a big fan of spreading digital awareness!

When it comes to 15 minutes of fame, Jasmine runs an extremely successful side hustle as a foodie. Recently she was recognised at a cafe, even though she was socially distanced and wearing a mask! That didn’t stop the fan getting a selfie though! Apparently it was her hair and her husband standing at her side that gave her away…

Jasmine loves the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary, and particularly related to her in her early 20s, specifically her habit of saying anything and everything she felt without a filter! Her superpower is her ability to eat a lot, even though she’s quite small… and we’re not joking – she can down 7-8 pieces of thick crust pizza in one go, pretty impressive!

The energy and fresh thinking that Jasmine brings to the marketing at The Mind Lab helps keep us building awareness and constantly trying new things. Her kind nature and ability to take in a lot of information at once makes her an epic member of the team who we’re lucky to have!

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