Evelyn Seewald

Project Lead

Evelyn is the Project Lead for Digital Boost. Day to day you’ll find her leading the charge toward a business world driven by tech – a world in which small business owners don’t live in fear of lockdowns because they successfully leverage the online space.

Evelyn’s journey into business started with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She then gained broad industry experience in areas such as digital consulting, education, agri-tech, mobile telecommunications, telematics, electronics manufacturing, FMCG and HR consulting, both locally and internationally. She’s worked with both corporate teams and early-stage hi-tech New Zealand companies, and has applied relevant methodologies to help bring world-beating local products to the international arena. 

This wide array of roles developed within her a passion for leading transformational change and business growth through technology and innovation, which made her a perfect addition to our team. 

Importantly, Evelyn understands that true transformation can only occur with the support, guidance and influence of a good team. Her interest in cultural management has shaped her leadership style and helped her build unified, passionate and determined teams that get things done. This approach has helped her mould teams that deliver game-changing, recognised results, Digital Boost being just one of them.

What are her thoughts on the future of business? She feels that the pace of change requires a different type of thinking and that only businesses that can adapt and keep up will survive. She makes sure to stay up to date with new developments and tools driving business. 

And if she could sit down and have a coffee with anybody? She’d choose Isabel Allende, who lived through the Chilean coup and is both an incredibly creative storyteller and a strong advocate for taking the female perspective.

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