Diana Kirkland

Diana's heart is with the people. As a purpose-driven technologist, her true passion is helping people use business and technology to drive change and do good. Her vision is to help build a global, collaborative and sustainable digital economy, using the power of technology to create solutions that both aid and inspire generations.

She is delighted to be working with The Mind Lab, MBIE, the Digital Boost Alliance Partners and the superstar team to connect people with the opportunities and knowledge available through the Digital Boost Platform, especially during these times, she believes the platform is an incredible resource available to help businesses understand the digital landscape required in today’s business world.

Her background boasts foundations from design thinking agency land, transitioning to digital technologies over the last decade. She's driven by a love of customer experiences using human-centred design methodologies with intelligent strategy to create insights for growth. Diana loves the concept of Dr. Holly Branson's, Weconomy, how to intersect profit with purpose in business and the values, processes and governance of the B Corporation.

During Covid, Diana was the platform strategist for Good Feeding, leading the development of a sustainable, eCommerce subscription and knowledge-based ecosystem for the US. Prior to that Diana worked with PropertySuite, a purpose built ERP platform for the New Zealand Real Estate sector, where she lead digital innovation strategies that enabled digital transformation projects at scale with the likes of Hubspot, Facebook, Google, One Roof, NZME, Stuff, Bauer Group and Ask Nicely delivering automated marketing solutions for New Zealand's leading real estate brands, Bayleys NZ, NZ Sotheby's Realty, PGGWRE, Professionals and a majority of the NZ Realtor Group.

Diana believes the future of work is purpose-driven, with people using education, business, and technology as forces for good. Although she has many superpowers, one that stands out is her ability to put humans first and connect people through collaboration and her ability to listen and ask the right questions – an essential component of any sound business solution.

Deeply human-centred, Diana's perspective is fresh, innovative and inspiring. She is looking forward to continually helping our NZ SME community connect and engage with The Mind Lab & MBIE's Digital Boost Platform and Alliance Partners initiative.

Academic achievements: 

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy, Tech Futures Lab 

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