Britta Sisam-Jones

Brand & Communications Manager (Maternity Leave)

Britta leads the brand & communications for The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, bringing her background in communications, brand strategy, design and PR, as well as her eye for detail and her strong copywriting skills together to strategically underpin all activity with brand purpose.

It’s a busy role but Britta loves having a full plate and an aspirational to-do list. Her superpower is without a doubt multi-tasking, which she claims is reliant on the use of her all time favourite digital tool, Trello. She’s also a strong communicator, both being able to communicate ideas in ways that people engage with, and listen and problem solve when collaborating across the organisation.

As part of her role at The Mind Lab, Britta is also an extremely active member of the Health and Wellbeing Committee, always looking for ways to make her colleagues smile. She helped launch the Te Ara Kōtihi organisation-wide strategy and is an ongoing member of that working group as well.

Britta has a Bachelor of Communications from Auckland University of Technology, with a major in PR and a minor in Journalism (meaning she is a stickler for correct grammar and punctuation… particularly when it comes to the use of hyphens and n-dashes). She also has an ATCL Performance Diploma from the Trinity College of London, and most recently, a Micro-credential in Leading Beyond Sustainability here at The Mind Lab.

For Britta the future relies on collaboration, and removing the old-school habits of working in silos. The Te Ao Māori view of the masterful collective really resonates with her, as she believes wholeheartedly in the power of connection, collaboration and communicating with one another. This is a sustainable future for all of us.

As a side hustle Britta and her husband dabble in wildlife photography (and by dabble we mean travel all over the world finding exotic animals in the wild) and here in Aotearoa have been up and down the country photographing our incredible native birds. Her 15 minutes of fame was being asked to travel to Rakiura to a private reserve to photograph their birdlife, and she’d love to meet David Attenborough, and sit down with a cuppa to hear his stories.

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Britta is on Maternity Leave, returning January 2023.