Andrey Sukhomlinov

Digital Insights Specialist

If Andrey’s face looks familiar, chances are you’ve seen him on a billboard somewhere throughout Auckland. He’s a man of many talents, most notably his ability to tackle problems from a futuristic standpoint. 

From studying a Bachelor of Commerce with the University of Auckland, he has now joined the Digital Boost team, offering support for small to medium businesses. While you may not speak with him directly, never fear! He is quietly working away behind the scenes integrating actionable industry data into the Digital Boost platform. This is a major win for business owners who are seeking actionable intel in order to grow their business while adopting greater levels of digital tools and channels.

Another key focus for Andrey will be to define and deliver customer value segments to enable businesses to better understand their existing customer base. We think this ties in perfectly with his chosen super power of SuperVision. “I would like the ability to see into the future, to see through illusions and see visual representations of human emotions or event outcomes”. 

If given the opportunity to time travel, Andrey would love to meet the queer liberation activists who helped to shape today’s society. “I love how they refused to conform to heteronormativity and the binary gender norms, so meeting Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Karl Heinrich Ulrichs would be cool.” 

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