Amber Joseph

Salesforce Product Owner and Facilitator

Amber may be a software engineer by trade but she is a teacher by heart and really digs helping people uncover the mysterious world of technology. She has an innate ability to make the difficult seem conquerable, able to calm the nerves of her students when faced with complex or confusing CRM situations.

Amber is a Salesforce advocate, seeing the world leading CRM platform as a powerful platform to help people level up their career, business or salary. But she also saw the confusion in people’s faces when confronted with learning and maintaining a platform like this alone, so she started Salesforce Training NZ, on a mission to make learning Salesforce down right fun.

Her light hearted energetic personality makes her classes ‘light, tight and bright’. Knowing how to use technology but not getting bogged down in the jargon is a core focus for Amber, particularly because she believes the future offers a world where flexibility, freedom and choice are plentiful.

In her spare time, in between coaching and teaching she loves to paint, a talented hyper realism painter.

From developing her own Salesforce application to working as a Salesforce Consultant and teaching Salesforce across the country, Amber has dedicated her time to making Salesforce easier to learn and use for everyone. And in her role at Tech Futures Lab as Product Owner and Facilitator of the Salesforce Administrator Certification short course, she’s able to reach more people and businesses and make a bigger impact in New Zealand.

Academic achievements
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours

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