Alan Hsieh

UX/UI Designer

As both a blogger and a podcaster, you would be forgiven for thinking that Alan’s role at the Mind Lab is within the social media team. While he’s certainly a man of many talents, he is in fact Digital Boost’s UX/UI designer. 

As UX/UI designer, Alan is responsible for undertaking much of the research, strategy, design and testing of digital products, as well as overseeing the user experience design for Checkable. 

His academic background in studying a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in Graphic Design means he brings a unique perspective to the table. But it is his ability to find the humour in everything that truly makes his presence a joy. 

Alan relates his life to the movie The Truman show, which we think is quite fitting given his love of photography. Once behind the camera lens he specialises in capturing the events and portraiture that detail our lives. 

If given the opportunity to travel back in time, there’s no one Alan would rather meet than inventor Albert Einstein. We imagine, with their shared intelligence and creativity, they would have a lot to talk about! 

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