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At The Mind Lab we show 7-12 year-olds how to explore, experiment and engage with technology in ways that’ll enhance their learning, inspire their thinking and help them develop skills for the future. We do this through active, hands-on learning where they become creators, not consumers, of technology.

The Mind Lab @ MOTAT School Holiday Workshops

Tech & Creativity
We use the latest tech with the most creative minds!
Celebrate Failure
Learning by doing! Join the F.A.I.L club.
Collaborate & Learn Together
We work together to make learning fun.
Absolutely loves Mind Lab, the learning experiences and discoveries and the teachers. Sophia comes home and gets on building new websites, does more coding and revisits electronic things she's built to improve them, extending her learning and taking it back to school.

- Parent to Sophia

This is what we offer:

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At each action-packed full-day workshop we’ll cover two future-focused topics.
COST: $99 per full day