Mind Lab Kids

In end of March 2017, we’re launching Mind Lab Kids – an online portal that lets kids take their Mind Lab experience home with them. Seven to 12 year-olds across New Zealand (and beyond) will soon have access to a wide range of home-friendly challenges and experiments that’re just as exciting and educational as those they conquer in our labs.


Reason being…?

  • First off, kids are absolutely gutted when they leave our labs, they want more. Here it is!
  • We often have parents asking us for Mind Lab-style experiments they can do at home
  • Parents also tell us how their kid goes straight home and gets busy testing out what they learnt that day
  • We want to see parents become more involved in their kid’s learning journey, using low-cost materials and standard home technologies. We want to break down the barriers of technology so you can truly see what your little one is capable of!
  • We want to show how our 3 pillars – Science, Technology & Discovery – can become pillars of the home too
  • We’re constantly amazed by the passion, engagement, excitement, enthusiasm and confidence that kids demonstrate at The Mind Lab, and we want you to see your little one experience that same thrill at home

In simple terms, we want to give kids more. More opportunities to master Mind Lab challenges. Greater freedom to explore, in their own time and with you by their side. More ways in which they can extend their limits, unlock their potential, and grow into the inventors, innovators, makers, doers and entrepreneurs of the future (or whatever they want to be)!

Skills they will put to good use:




A bit about what the kids will be able to do on the website

First things first, create a profile

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Next, dive straight in! Choose a challenge.