Learn. Stack.
Build. Master.

The future of learning is bite-sized. 

That’s why programmes at The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab are stackable, giving you more options to stack them together, and even build a Masters.

Learning creates the building blocks for the future.

And now learning with us can be literal building blocks. Building and stacking your way to mastery of skills and knowledge, the future you want to see for the world, or even a Masters degree.

In an exciting leading-edge change, approved Level 8 micro-credentials across The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab can now stack together to build into something bigger. And over the course of next year, our postgraduate certificates will too. By this time next year you’ll be able to piece together an entire Masters degree – shaped around the topics, knowledge and skills that interest you most.

We’ve created an information pack filled with more information, student success stories – get the info pack here. Or keep reading for an example on how it works.

Please note that the Level 7 Digital Skills for the Workplace Micro-credential is not stackable.


Learn in bite-sized formats with our approved Level 8 micro-credentials. Compact yet power-packed with contemporary knowledge and insight.


Stack bite-sized micro-credential alongside each other, and together they start adding up to bigger, more impactful learning.


Start connecting trends and insights across the key areas essential in the ‘future of work’ and our world with one of our postgraduate certificates.


Connect it all together and create the foundation to complete a Master’s degree as part of our new ‘buildable’ Masters coming in 2022.

Whether you’re just looking for your next step, or planning all the way to your Masters, sign up for one of our micro-credentials, and you’ll be stacking up in no time!

Looking for an example of how this works?

You successfully complete a Level 8 micro-credential worth 15-credits with The Mind Lab, then another with Tech Futures Lab… you keep going across areas that interest you or relate to your work until you’ve got 4, worth 60-credits under your belt…
Next you sign up for a 60-credit postgraduate certificate with us, culminating existing knowledge and building new knowledge, starting to make a real impact in your community or workplace...
All of a sudden you’re just 60 credits away from a Masters! You turn the knowledge and skills you’ve gained into a proposal and a capstone project... becoming a master of your future, AND you’ve just achieved a Masters degree!

Start learning

If you’re ready to start stacking, sign up for one of our micro-credentials.

Individually they’re bite-sized learning at its best, designed to be done alongside your work. Together, they’re covering some of the biggest and most important topics, skills and knowledge that we need to drive positive change for the future.