Leading Change for Good

Creating impactful, positive change in your community, business, organisation or industry. 

A postgraduate certificate that focuses on leadership and transformation for real, lasting impact where it matters the most.*

*Pending NZQA approval

Programme overview

Become part of a community of people driving change for good.

As the world around us continues to change, and industries, businesses and communities rapidly evolve, we need to rethink what it means to be a leader, and how to lead with purpose. Every day more organisations commit to prioritising purpose and doing good, whether they are charities, public institutions, social enterprises or commercial organisations, and so we need to develop the capability and skills required to lead this change for good. 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Change for Good was created to address this need.

The programme aims to provide people from diverse industries and communities with the knowledge and skills to effectively instigate and lead collaborations and partnerships, and apply environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable practices for positive impact in times of change.

What you'll walk away with

The ability to identify new and emerging business models that prioritise purpose over profit, and adapt them for your context..
The ability to evaluate and apply contemporary leadership approaches to drive change for positive impact on communities, organisations and businesses.
A deep understanding of global and indigenous social change practice and considerations, and how these can be relevant and applicable in your community or workplace.
A detailed change strategy that harnesses leadership to create sustainable, authentic value in NZ’s changing social, economic, political, and cultural environments.

Programme details

Time requirement 

34 weeks of part-time study.

This postgrad requires an average of 18 hours a week, which is made up of 3.5 hours of live, facilitated online sessions and 14.5 hours of self-directed learning. There are also 6 x face to face sessions in our lab over the course of the programme.


The 6 x face-to-face sessions will be at The Mind Lab – 99 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland.

Next intake

This Postgraduate Certificate programme is pending approval from NZQA, but we anticipate the first intake will be in September 2020.

Who is this programme for?

  • Those who are driven by a desire to do good in their community, business, industry, or wider.
  • Those who have an idea for change they want to lead, big or small, for the benefit of others and/or the planet – or can see where change is needed.
  • Not necessarily those who hold leadership positions, but those who are looking for the skills to help them step up and make sustainable, lasting change in their environment, and bring others along on this journey.
  • Industries can vary from self-employed, SME’s, large corporates, government, not for profit. In today’s world anyone in any business can lead with purpose no matter what your product or service is.

Meet your programme lead, Dr Mandy Lacy

Mandy brings a wealth of expertise to the areas of transformation, organisation development, leadership, coaching, change management and modern workplace learning. She holds a Masters degree in Learning Science & Technology and a PhD from the University of Sydney Research Centre for Learning and Innovation, Australia. Mandy is also an international Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in organisational psychology.

Mandy’s love of learning is matched by her big heart – she cares passionately about the unison of professional and personal development in order to bring about real insight and transformation.

“I am very excited to be part of leading this innovative and exceptionally relevant programme – never before has it been so important to be working with people in their quest for leading change for good.”


Whether the change you want to create is big or small, for your community, your organisation, or across New Zealand, this postgrad certificate will give you the knowledge and skills to effectively lead sustainable change and create genuine value.

Expression of Interest

This Postgraduate Certificate programme is pending approval from NZQA, but we anticipate the first intake will be in September 2020.

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