Award-winning science, tech & discovery learning experiences for young people

We offer programmes for children in Auckland with an aim to encourage young students to get excited by science and technology.

We look at new ways of learning and collaborating whilst using digital tools and applications to extend students’ knowledge. 

About our School Programmes

Emerging technologies are rapidly transforming industries and disrupting economies both globally and at home in Aotearoa, but our education system moves much more slowly! This disconnect means that many young people may struggle to find relevant opportunities by the time they finish school.

The Ministry of Education is seeking to address this problem by integrating digital technologies into the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa by term 1 of 2020. We’re excited that New Zealand has finally made the move to ensure that students across the nation will become ‘digitally capable thinkers, producers and creators’. (Digital Technologies and the New Zealand Curriculum, pg 3).

We are welcoming this change with open arms. At The Mind Lab we have been teaching children contemporary skills at our custom-built labs since 2013, encouraging children from age 4 to 14 to become creative, active learners of technology and the digital world. We have taught over 100,000 students from hundreds of schools and have developed a huge range of exciting and engaging science, technology and discovery-based workshops.

Our unique approach to education allows students to take on relevant, real-world challenges in a collaborative and project-based environment. 

Our Core Philosophy

Learning by doing
Learning through failure
Collaborating & sharing knowledge
Developing digital fluency

School Holidays

Every school holidays, we invite 7-12-year-olds into our Auckland lab to create, construct, test and prototype through a huge range of explorative workshops.

We cover a huge range of exciting STEAM-based topics including robotics, coding, 3D design, engineering and much more!

Bookings are open for the July school holiday workshops.

School Groups

School group sessions at The Mind Lab help students learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of technology, becoming creators – not just users – of digital technology.

Each workshop can be personalised to suit your school learning topics or our EdTech Educators can work with you to plan a bespoke session around a topic or theme of your choosing.

We think you and your students will find our workshops useful (and great fun!) as we move towards a more tech-enabled, connected future.

July School Holiday Workshop Descriptions


Monday 8th July – Coding & Film Making

Mind Labber’s Got Talent

Roll up, roll up! The talent show’s in town. Could coding or film-making be your hidden talent? Show off your skills and learn new ones together. Using App Inventor, webcams and movie-making software, we’ll create cool media you can keep building on at home.

Tuesday 9th July – Electronic Engineering & Web Design

Happy Campers

Kids go wild for this workshop! Bring your top survivalist skills as we explore renewable energy and design an awesome Wix website for happy campers. These newfound skills will survive the test of time.

Wednesday 10th July – Get Thinking & Graphic Design

Under the Sea

We’ll be swimming in cool ideas at our Under the Sea workshop. Let’s put on our thinking caps to solve the big plastic problem in the ocean. In Graphic Design, we’ll let our imaginations swim free as we design creatures from the weird and wonderful world deep below.

Thursday 11th July – Animation & Robotics

Around the World

Take a trip through Animation and Robotics. We’ll go on a journey of discovery as we create a robotic device that could help us with our travels around the world. In Animation, we’ll design a travel diary to document all our best adventures.

Friday 12th July – Science and Engineering & 3D Design


Get science, electronics and 3D design down to a fine art. Imaginations run wild as we find inspiration all around us, flexing our creative muscles on Arty-Party Friday!


Monday 15th July – 3D Design & Coding

The Mind Lab Scavenger Hunt

Design a 3D map and create code that that can help navigate through a scavenger hunt. Using Micro:bits, Make Code and Tinkercad, we’re bound to uncover some cool new skills along the way.

Tuesday 16th July – Robotics & Electronic Engineering

Gadget Gurus

Go, go gadget gurus! Explore a smorgasbord of robots and find out how they work. (Can any of them do our homework?) Plus, get in the mindset of an electronic engineer as we create our very own devices.

Wednesday 17th July – Animation & Graphic Design

Farm Festivity

If you lived on a farm, what would your day-to-day life look like? Take a walk on the wild side in our Animation workshop. In Graphic Design, we’ll use Inkscape to design our very own farms.

Thursday 18th July – Film Making & Internet of Things


Mind Labbers assemble! We’ll film our own superhero movies as we discover our awesome alter egos. Like all good superheroes, we’ll need some cool gadgets – so let’s create our own.

Friday 19th July – Science and Engineering & Web Design

Book Banquet

Once upon a time…there was a storytelling workshop! Bring a tale to life through audio engineering as a Foley Artist in Science and Engineering. In Web Design, we’ll create a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story.

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