Mai i te kōpae ki te urupa, tātou ako tonu ai
From the cradle to the grave, we are forever learning

HeyFuture! is about preparing young people for the future that is out there, just waiting for them.

What's it all about?

We created HeyFuture! to address the massive skill and confidence gap young people leaving school are faced with.

As experts in the future of work we know what skills are needed out there. Our aim is to help 18-22 year olds obtain these skills, prepare for what workplaces out there are looking for, and get hands-on experience to face this future with confidence.

Originally run as a 3-week programme in our Lab, HeyFuture! has changed shape as we ourselves learnt along the way. We now run the programme in a partnership model, and are always looking for new schools or organisations to collaborate with.

On this page you’ll find a run down of the skills of the future, our current model of delivery, success stories and a bunch of resources to help 18-22 year olds bridge the gap between high school and their future.


HeyFuture in action

Skills for the future

Based on our research and experience, these are the skills that will help 18-22 year olds navigate that next step, and prepare for the future of work.

An understanding of how to take environmental impacts into consideration in a range of scenarios.
Real-life experience of the combined benefit of diversity of thought, inspiration, tools and techniques to solve a business challenge.
Creativity & curiosity
The recognition that these skills are a superpower, and everyone can have them.

Developing the most sought-after skill required by employers today, tick!
Digital impact
Experience with digital innovations to grow your portfolio and skillset.
An understanding of different leadership styles – finding yours, embracing it and being proud of it.

Experience the process of coming up with ideas, having the skills to evaluate them, and preparing them for market.
Recognition of your own potential and values in order to pitch and present confidently.

Current delivery model

We’re currently offering this programme through a partnership model with high schools & other organisations. This allows us to create a bespoke version of the programme designed for your specific environment and young people. Please reach out if this is something you are interested in, we’d love to collaborate.

Next steps

If you’re a young person looking for ways to upskill and prepare for the future, here are a few suggestions:

Sometimes it’s not about opening the doors, it’s about knowing which doors to knock on. Get confident, get connected, and get comfortable with failure, with HeyFuture!

Success stories

Faytarinas next step

Hear Faytarina’s experience of starting out as a participant on the July 2020 course and ending up with two job offers!

Success stories

From Xero to anywhere...

Hear how one of the group’s from our first intake worked on a real-life business challenge for Xero, and ended up presenting their proposed solution to the global HR team.

Get in touch

We’re currently offering this programme through a partnership model with high schools & other organisations. Please email us if this is something you are interested in, we’d love to collaborate.