A 3-week programme to establish work-ready skills and real-life job opportunities for 18-22 year olds who haven’t found their place in the world… yet.

Programme Update

We have taken a proactive decision to postpone the start date of Hey Future!

This is not a decision we have taken lightly, however the design of the programme is interactive, hands on/workshop style with presentations and fireside chats. We have brainstormed to see if we could deliver this programme online via Zoom, but we feel the magic will be lost without many of the hands on and face to face sessions.

We are truly gutted, but we know this is the right decision until we know more about the current situation. We will update you when we have a new start date.

From the HeyFuture! Team

What's it all about?

HeyFuture! is a hands on, three-week course that prepares 18-22 year olds for the future.

Build skills and real life experience across a range of areas including technology, collaboration, creativity, curiosity, perseverance and ‘getting stuff done’Work on live industry projects, learn to identify opportunities, problem solve, project manage and create solutions. 

And meet some amazing companies who are looking to hire work-ready young people – while tackling some of the big lofty questions of today. After three weeks, instead of heading into your next step with uncertainty, you’ll be excited and inspired to be part of this world of potential.

Our speakers & collaborators

Morgan Bailey, Head of Communications at Rocket Lab
Morgan has worked with Rocket Lab since the unveiling of the Electron orbital launch vehicle program in 2014, and has a deep understanding of the global space launch industry and New Zealand's evolving role within it.
Jake Tomuri, Stunt Double
Jake describes himself as a “professional face planter” and, thanks to an uncanny resemblance, has spent the last few years working as Tom Hardy’s stunt double in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Venom and The Revenant.
Frances Valintine, founder of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab
Frances Valintine (CNZM) is a thought-leader in emerging and disruptive technologies and has 20 years’ experience across business, technology and education.
Murray Streets, Managing Director of Dentsu New Zealand
Murray started his early career as a Latin and Ancient Greek high school teacher, before shifting to advertising. He's committed to a culture that promotes self-awareness, personal purpose, diversity and mental and physical wellbeing.
Alexia Hilbertidou, Founder & CEO of GirlBoss NZ
GirlBoss is social enterprise set up to address the gender gap in STEM, business and leadership. The 13,500 strong GirlBoss network are on a mission to either claim their seat at the table or flip it over and build their own.
Rich Rowley, Innovation Advisor at Tech Futures Lab
With a background in law and education, Rich has become our resident champion of change, specialising in challenging and disrupting the status quo.
Pagen Plaizier, People Experience Project Manager at Xero
Pagen spends her days running projects to enable the people at Xero to do the best work of their lives, so each and every one of them can contribute to making business #beautiful.
Fraser Hanson, General Manager of Innocent Packaging and Smartass
Fraser is in charge of the day to day running of this inspiring New Zealand business, where they simplify sustainability by making products out of plant materials, not oil.
Tom Newman, Creative Director at Radikal Neon
As Creative Director of Radikal Neon - a sustainable signage shop - Tom has been involved in some of the most creatively challenging projects for a number of the world's biggest brands; Apple, Netflix, Disney & Nike to name a few.  
Taurean Butler, Innovation Advisor at Tech Futures Lab
Research orientated, and hailing from New York, he has worked as a designer and product manager to develop products grounded in understanding and empathising with humans. He’s curious, yet methodical and statistically minded. 
James McLeod, Co-Founder of Made4Baby Natural Skincare
The son of a Wairarapa farmer, James dropped out of uni after 6 months, worked for Telecom (aka Spark), and found himself in marketing. He's lived and worked all around the world, and cofounded Made4Baby Natural Skincare, currently selling in 8 countries around the world.  
Alex Hannon, Co-founder of Squawk Squad
Alex is an engineer and innovative visionary, passionate about sustainable science and technology. He co-founded Squawk Squad, a social enterprise dedicated to engaging and connecting New Zealanders in the protection and growth of native bird species.

Who is HeyFuture! for?

What We Cover

What does the future hold?

An in-depth insight into the impact of technological change, climate change, globalisation, and how this shapes the future of work

The importance of personal purpose and how to find yours as you navigate your next steps 

The environment and how these will influence every decision that we make
The effect of combined inspiration, tools and techniques to use collaboration to your advantage 
Creativity & curiosity
Recognising these skills as a superpower 
Problem Solving  
The most sought-after skill required by employers today, how to maximise outcomes

Digital Tools
Experimenting with digital innovations as enablers to grow your portfolio and your skillset
Navigating and understanding different leadership styles, finding yours, embracing it and being proud of it 
Coming up with ideas, having the skills to evaluate them, and getting them ready for market 
Recognising your own potential and values in order to sell yourself confidently

Getting comfortable with failure as a key component of personal development

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