1. What is The Mind Lab?

The Mind Lab is a specialist learning provider designed to contextualise education in a 21st-century setting. Originally established in 2013 in Newmarket, Auckland, The Mind Lab received significant interest and attention due to its innovative, hands-on approach to learning and its highly effective teaching methodologies that are designed to inspire students in the fields of science and technology.

At the end of 2013, The Mind Lab was receiving a lot of recognition from government and media for its innovative approach to science and technology education. At the same time, Unitec was developing a new suite of postgraduate programmes designed to recognise learnings from applied practice in the workforce.

In early 2014, a collaborative relationship was proposed that could draw on the expertise and skills of The Mind Lab with the postgraduate capabilities, applied practice and assessment frameworks of Unitec.

The Mind Lab formed part of a joint venture with Unitec until August 2018, at which point The Mind Lab was approved by NZQA as a standalone Tertiary Education Organisation. The Mind Lab’s valued long-term partner Unitec retained their 50% shareholding of The Mind Lab and key members of their executive team remain on their Board of Directors, but The Mind Lab became an independent education institute focused on delivering contemporary education to New Zealand students.

2. Who is the founder of The Mind Lab?

The Mind Lab founder Frances Valintine was previously the Chief Executive of Media Design School, one of New Zealand’s most successful private training establishments. Frances Valintine Chairs the Board of The Mind Lab and acts as an education consultant to the ongoing development of the programme.

3. Why did The Mind Lab begin offering qualifications?

In December 2013, the Associate Minister for Education, Nikki Kaye, identified a critical mass of 10,000 New Zealand teachers (of the 50,000+ primary and secondary teachers) needing further training and the skills to provide more relevant educational delivery methods. The Mind Lab’s qualifications respond to this demand.