Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning

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Because this programme focuses on contemporary research, we are always updating the content to be as relevant as possible. For this reason it is not always possible to outline specific topics for an upcoming intake, however, here are examples of topics we have covered on each course in the past:

Digital Topics 

  • What is Knowledge?
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Blended Learning
  • Collaborative, Constructionist and Constructivist Learning
  • Computational Thinking
  • 3D Modelling
  • Technology Disruption and Mixed Reality
  • Design Thinking in the Classroom
  • Personal Learning Networks and Connectivism
  • Agile and Lean Education
  • Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing
  • Maker Movement
  • Games and Educational Game Design
  • Agency and Engagement
  • Inquiry Learning, Robotics and AI
  • Sensors and Sensibility

Leadership Topics

  • Followership
  • Key Competencies and He Tikanga Whakaaro in Leadership
  • Implementing Technology Innovation in the Classroom
  • Research Informed Leadership
  • Leadership Attributes
  • Leadership Theories and Styles
  • Online and Distributed Leadership
  • Diffusion of Innovations and Digital Leadership
  • Leading Change and Collaborative Leadership
  • Agile and Servant Leadership
  • Entrepreneurialism and Enterprise
  • Innovative Learning Spaces
  • Gamification in Leadership
  • Multicultural and International Perspectives on Education
  • Teacher Inquiry into Student Learning
  • Research and Applied Practice

Research Topics

  • Choose an Inquiry
  • Find Research
  • Examine Research Sources
  • Finalise the Research Essay Topic
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Plan Data Collection
  • Consider the Action Plan Context
  • Anticipate the Impact of your Teacher Inquiry on your Community

Practice Topics

  • Act on your Plan
  • Reflect on your Inquiry
  • Examine your Cultural Context
  • Act in your Professional Environment
  • Consider your Audiences
  • Reflect on your Evidence
  • Evaluate your Impacts
  • Reflect on your Learning Journey

Please contact your facilitator or email your associated course coordinator:

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Your facilitator may suggest a nearby location for you to join (if possible) or will be able to advise the best way for you to catch up. They can also share the session slides with you and direct you to the relevant online material.

If an unforeseen circumstance impairs the ability of a student from doing well on an assessment (including submitting assessment on time and/or giving a presentation), students are able to apply for a Special Assessment Circumstance (SAC) with relevant evidence within 5 working day of the assessment item due date. Please contact your programme coordinator below, to request a SAC form.

For Postgraduate Certificate students:
For Master of Contemporary Education's students:
For Master of Teaching & Education Leadership students:

Your Student ID is sent to you in your application confirmation email. If you’ve lost it, fill in your name and email below and we will send your Student ID to your email (please use the same email address below as the one which you enrolled with). Or alternatively, you can contact or call 09 964 4444.

If there is a different location that is being run nearby, then we encourage you to attend that location. We run the programme anywhere we receive 35+ expressions of interest providing we also reach a certain number of enrolments for that location. If you want your location to host the programme, we encourage you to get your colleagues on board. Contact Lisa Whittington-Slater for North Island locations ( and Michael Campbell for South Island interest (

Scholarships for this programme are based on your school’s decile. You will therefore need to be currently employed by a school in order to be eligible for a scholarship. If you are not currently teaching in a school you may be able to claim our Early-bird discount instead. For more information please see Scholarships & Subsidies.

See ‘Locations’ for our most up-to-date locations, days and times for the upcoming intake.

32 weeks, part-time with one 4-hour face-to-face session per week for the first 16 weeks. For full details, see the ‘Structure and Workload’ section on the programme page.

Sorry - our programmes are not currently available to international students.