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Squeezing learning into a busy schedule can feel challenging, so why not consider a micro-credential. A micro-credential is a perfect package of high quality learning delivered in manageable and practical formats.

Think of them like a ‘crash course’ on the future – bringing you up to speed on what matters today but also what’s critical for a thriving future. And they are designed to be done alongside your busy work and personal life, so you don't have to take time off to study.

Delivered online, with a combination of self-directed learning and live-online weekly sessions – courses are accessible, practical, fun and you can upskill by completing a number of different micro-credentials in areas that interest you most.

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If we look at this from a purely academic perspective, a micro-credential is worth 15 educational credits which equates to 150 hours of learning. But how much time you need to commit each week will depend on the length of the programme. For example, a 10 week programme will require approximately 15 hours per week.

But don’t let that number put you off - our micro-credentials are all about gaining practical, transferable skills. So those 15 hours will comprise weekly sessions (where applicable), time for you to work on your assessment (which can often be work-related or a live project for your workplace or organisation) and applying your new skills and knowledge in your practice.

A practical example of this in the Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential is setting up new digital tools in your workplace - either just for yourself, your team or the wider organisation.

The most important point to take away is that our micro-credentials are practical and what you learn each week you can start to apply straight away in what you do everyday.

Generally, a 15 credit micro-credential will comprise two summative assessments. Some assessments are individual and others may be group based to encourage collaboration with others. Assessments are about applying your learning to your practice or context - developing small plans, strategies, designing initiatives, and exploring and evaluating key concepts or ideas. All assessments will add demonstrable value to your applied knowledge of the area you're learning in.

There are no differences between the learning outcomes for a micro-credential, postgraduate certificate or Masters - they are all levelled against the same New Zealand qualifications framework (NZQF).

Differences are in relation to the length of time of the programme, which impacts on the amount of learning.

Yes, there are opportunities to cross credit into different programmes - sometimes this will result in a transfer of credits, other times it might result in a reduction in fees.

It all depends on the learning outcomes of the programme you want to cross-credit to. It’s worth having a chat with us about what you’re seeking to achieve for your upskilling so we can help with selecting the right learning pathways for you.

You can think of micro-credentials as building blocks of learning. Each building block could be credited to larger qualifications (e.g. a Master’s degree) if a specific micro-credential aligns to a specific learning outcome covered in a larger qualification. It’s worth having a chat with us about what you’re seeking to achieve for your upskilling so we can help with selecting the right learning pathways for you.