Digital Skills for the Workplace

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We think it’s important that you get to apply these skills in a real-life setting which is why throughout the 7 weeks, you’ll complete 2 assignments that revolve around a problem you want to solve. This could be in your workplace, business, in an organisation you’re part of, or something that really grinds your gears! Previous students have completed projects around helping their companies go paperless, setting up a remote-working model during Alert Level 3. We’ll work with you in the first few sessions to identify what your project could be.

A micro-credential certifies achievement of a specific and coherent set of skills and/or knowledge. Micro-credentials are created through strong evidence of need by industry, employers, iwi and/or the community. They are usually 15 credits and take place over less than 10 weeks. Learners should be able to complete this micro-credential without taking time off work.

Just a laptop (or desktop) and a mobile/handheld device both connected to the internet. Your laptop can be a Windows or Mac and your device can be a tablet or smartphone (needs the ability to record video/take photos). If any of your devices are owned by your employer please ensure you have the rights to install software and connect to external devices, and that there are no restrictions on connecting to web links.

Please note: Chromebooks are not suitable for some applications.

If you have a Level 6 or higher qualification then you’ll be eligible. You can also be eligible through a process called ‘equivalence’. If you have 3-4 years professional work or community experience the Academic Director can review your proof and approve it if your experience is equivalent to that of the qualification. We are happy to chat you through your situation & experience first before you enrol.

Absolutely. Micro-credentials are a fantastic quick way of upskilling and adding something new to your CV and LinkedIn profile, which looks great to potential employers and recruiters. For your ‘project’ you can choose something you’re passionate about or something within your community, it doesn’t have to be a workplace project.

It is a Level 7 qualification so to be eligible you need to have a Level 6 qualification or higher (i.e. a Bachelor’s Degree).

It’s okay if you miss one or two classes, we do record the zoom sessions and the content covered goes up on the Portal so you can review it in your own time. It is important to mention that missing sessions means you miss out on a lot of the breakout room discussion and group activities and this is vital to the development of your skills throughout the course. The responsibility sits with the student to catch up on missed work.

Yes you can, we have staff available to grade Te Reo Māori assessments. 

Absolutely. We’ve had loads of students do the course alongside family members, friends and colleagues. Learning is always better together!