Upskill in 60 minutes
Reverse Brainstorming

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You can learn a lot in one hour. So why not join us and learn a new skill? Reverse Brainstorming is an innovative concept that allows you to find new solutions to old problems. This event is proudly part of Techweek22.

Wednesday 18th May


You can achieve a lot in an hour. Including learning a new skill.

In 60 minutes we’ll introduce the concept of Reverse Brainstorming and give you hands-on experience with Coggle. You’ll leave the session with a new skill to take into your workday and a new way to look at old problems.

Get a taste for online learning with this live-facilitated class facilitated by Becks West.

Meet your facilitator

Becks West
Lead Facilitator

The details

  • Wednesday 18th May, 2022
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • Free online session, hosted on Zoom
  • Registration closed, all spots secured

What is 'Digital Skills for the Workplace'?

The Mind Lab’s Digital Skills for the Workplace is a 7-week online course designed to reinforce your baseline digital skills, introduce you to new & more efficient skills and to support you in understanding the digital environment so that you are able to evaluate and implement new digital tools that are constantly emerging.

Every business is different, but this course aims to facilitate efficiency, connection and creativity, allowing you to amplify your brand and achieve your business goals. It’s an interactive, hands-on course with two 1-hour live-facilitated classes each week.