What does leadership for good look like?
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A free online fireside chat about leadership; emerging leadership models and leading with empathy to drive outcomes that prioritise purpose over profit. Grab your morning coffee & log on for this free fireside chat to start your day, with good.

Thursday 6th August
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Event overview

You don’t have to be in a leadership role to lead positive change. The very definition of leadership is changing in response to our rapidly changing world. New leadership models are developing based on communication, collaboration and a clear sense purpose, intertwined with indigenous learnings.

As part of our Leading Change for Good web series we’re discussing the question ‘what does leadership for good actually look like?‘ including leading sustainable change and prioritising purpose over profit.

Participate in this free online discussion with The Mind Lab. Wake up and start your day with our course facilitators, inspirational speakers and hear what leadership for good looks like in today’s world. 

This fireside chat is designed for

  • Those who want to make positive change in their community, business, industry, or wider.
  • Those who have an idea for sustainable change they want to lead, big or small, for the benefit of others and/or the the planet – or can see where change is needed.
  • Varied industries from self-employed, SME’s, large corporates, government, not for profit, anyone who wants to lead innovative and sustainable change for good.

What we'll discuss

What does leadership look like in our world and our country? Who can be a leader, and how can those leaders affect positive and sustainable change in their organisation, industry or community?
Explore various leadership models and strategies.
What are the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges we're faced with when leading with purpose, and how can we identify opportunities for change in our context?
Explore and evaluate contemporary, regenerative solutions, with positive outcomes that are built to last.

On the panel

Deidre Otene, CEO Te Kotahitanga e Mahi Kaha Trust
Deidre has extensive experience in leading project development within local and central Government departments and the NGO sector in New Zealand and Australia. Her focus is across the areas of Health, Enterprise and Social development. Deidre is currently building a Strength Based Youth Health & Social Service and ensuring sustainability of this model through successful partnerships.
Laura Caccioppoli, Business for Good Champion at Redvespa
Laura is the Business for Good Champion with Redvespa Consultants Ltd. Working closely with the CEO and Advisory Board, Laura is responsible for leading Business for Good initiatives within the business. Redvespa is a specialist business analysis consultancy with a strong desire to balance profit with purpose and create a positive impact for its clients, consultants, communities and the environment.
Conor Twyford, Chief Executive at Wellington HELP
Conor has been CE of Wellington HELP since 2016. HELP offers support to individuals, whānau and communities affected by sexual abuse, working to help them move from surviving to thriving. Conor is passionate about serving people and the community, and is interested in making workplaces the best and most sustainable places they can be. She describes her experience as very eclectic and has worked all her life in community sector organisations.
Dr Mandy Lacy, Programme Lead at The Mind Lab
Mandy brings a wealth of expertise to the areas of transformation, organisation development, leadership, coaching, change management and modern workplace learning. She holds a Masters degree in Learning Science & Technology and a PhD from the University of Sydney Research Centre for Learning and Innovation, Australia. Mandy is also an international Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in organisational psychology.

The details

  • Fireside chat: panel of speakers with our facilitator asking questions, and opening the floor to audience questions
  • Thursday 6th August, 2020
  • 7:30am – 8:30am (breakfast session)
  • Free online info session delivered via Zoom
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What is 'Leading Change for Good'?

The Mind Lab’s Leading Change for Good is a new Postgraduate Certificate that focuses on leadership and transformation for real, lasting impact where it matters the most. It’s a 34-week programme, with our first intake starting in September 2020, the first of it’s kind in New Zealand.

The programme aims to provide people from diverse industries and communities with the knowledge and skills to effectively instigate and lead collaborations and partnerships, and apply environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable practices for positive impact in times of change.

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