How to keep your job in the 21st century

A fundamental transformation of the workplace is underway. From changes in structure to automation; business language to entire processes - work is evolving and it's evolving with pace.

New methodologies such as agile, systems thinking and design thinking are integrated into a contemporary working habit. Gone are the days of a corporate ladder. Traditional workplace structures where a junior slowly climbs one promotion at a time is completely flipped with the digital age. Recent graduates now have a whole new skill set that senior staff don’t necessarily have. And it’s those contemporary skills that are vital for future economic success.

Without contemporary knowledge, skills and an understanding of what employers are looking for, the road ahead is likely challenging. Join Frances Valintine (Tech Futures Lab, The Mind Lab), Paula Gair (Tech Futures Lab, and Paul Cameron (Booktrack) and Digna Toresen (General Manager Human Resources & Company Director at IBM New Zealand) for a deep dive into thriving at work in the 21st Century.

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