Get Smart: Work with Purpose

It's time to Work with Purpose!

Have you noticed there’s a strong sense of meaning in the air? It seems, no longer does a paycheck or fancy title totally cut it. More and more, we’re seeing headlines advocating for incredible social ventures or innovative startups, prompting a lot of us to review our own purpose and direction when it comes to work.

Studies show employees who feel their job has purpose or meaning,  are more likely to feel fulfilled, be more productive, promote their company and stay on the job longer. So as an employer, how can you bring more purpose into the workplace?  And how do we all navigate this new purpose-driven business culture?

Join us on August 23rd, as we explore stories of purpose, reinvention, growth mindset, failures and how to build resilience with a panel of inspiring speakers.  If there is one thing to be sure of, our panel will give candid accounts of their highs and lows of navigating a world of purpose. 

Join Fee Webby (General Manager The Mind Lab), Murray Streets (Managing Director at BC&F Dentsu), Rachel Lewis (Founder of She Owns it, Founder of KiwiOz nannies) and Danushka Abeysuriya (CTO and Founder of Rush Digital) for a deep dive into thriving at work in the 21st Century.

Tickets are extremely limited, secure your spot today.