Future of Education: 2022 and Beyond
A presentation from thought-leader Frances Valintine

Join us online as passionate educator and technologist Frances Valintine CNZM presents on the future horizons of our tamariki and rangatahi and contrasts those with what today’s education system is delivering.

Wednesday 27th July, 2022
Hosted on Zoom

Event overview

Frances has spent over 20 years pushing the boundaries of what education in today and tomorrow’s world means. This leads her to highlight the gap between what the future has in store and the skills our education system is building. And the gap is continuing to widen.

“The biggest challenge we all face in the future of work is that there are very few aspects of the education system that have transformed in response to the way we work, learn and live in the twenty-first century” – Frances Valintine

Digitalisation is bringing a raft of new jobs and industries – ones that look nothing like the jobs of today, or we can even envisage will be. Digital transformation is also opening up new streams of learning, on demand and global, competing with an education system that feels linear and out of step with where our world is heading.

As schools and educators grapple with the challenges in managing high rates of absenteeism, anxiety and depression amongst students and staff, how can we begin to build an education experience that we know educators want to deliver? One that inspires, connects and develops the capabilities and resilience our young people need. 

“Our education system, the very thing that is designed to teach, inspire and develop our future leaders, scientists, technologists, doctors, innovators, politicians and community champions, is failing under pressure” – Frances Valintine.

An event for both parents and teachers – to open up the view of what lies ahead so we can question what needs to change in today’s education system to prepare our tamariki and rangatahi to be the leaders and global citizens of tomorrow.

Bring your concerns, your questions, your vision to share and contribute to this incredibly critical discussion of the Future of Education in Aotearoa New Zealand


  • 4:00pm: Welcome and introduction from Fee Webby (General Manager of The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab)
  • 4:10pm: Presentation from Frances Valintine
  • 5:00pm: Q&A from the audience
  • 5:30pm: Event wrap up

Frances Valintine CNZM

A well regarded and recognised technologist and educator, Frances has been focused on the future of work and the development of human capability for the duration of her career.

Frances is the founder & CEO of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, organisations she created to provide learning pathways for educators and professionals to not just participate in but have sustainable impact for the technologically driven future. Everything she does is about supporting people, businesses and organisations to understand the impact of emerging technologies and the cultural adaptation required to embrace change and build that impact.

Frances is also a published author, her book ‘Future You‘ was released in March 2022.

This event is designed for

  • Teachers and educators of Aotearoa
  • Parents looking to understand the future of their children’s learning
  • Those interested in seeing what the future of education looks like
  • Adults interested in learning opportunities to further their career or upskill

Why attend this event?

Teachers, parents, educators – you’re all busy. You are working tirelessly to raise and educate the next generation. Frances has done the hard work for you, she’s scoured global data and found trends and insights. She looks at the global education system from a macro level and then provides inspiration and case studies of when and where it’s done right.

This 1 hour presentation is the perfect way to end Term 2 and will give you lots to reflect and think about over the school holidays, ready as we move into the second half of the year. Plus with 30 minutes at the end for questions, collectively we can dive deeper into what this means for our country and also our local schools and regions.

"I am often asked what my biggest dream would be, and it's the easiest question in the world to answer. I want decision makers to look to the future and map out future needs – skills, sectors, jobs and capabilities. Then I want them to reverse-engineer how we get there – how our children get there, how all children get there, how reskilling adults get there."


  • If you are a teacher or educator, please list the school you work at