Disruption for Good
Fireside chat

This event has passed. It was a fireside chat about disruption; how we can analyse and channel the power of disruption innovation for genuine good. Part of Techweek NZ.

Event overview

“Disrupt or be disrupted” – we’ve all heard the mantra. But are we disrupting for the sake of it, rather than analysing and channeling the power of disruption innovation for good? Learn how to harness disruption to drive purpose and authentic value in your workplace or industry.

Participate in this free online discussion with The Mind Lab, as part of Techweek. Spend an hour session with our course facilitators, inspirational speakers including Dr Will Reedy, CEO of Spark Health and hear about how you can disrupt for good.

This fireside chat is designed for

  • Those who are keen to utilise disruption and innovation to make positive change in their community, business, industry, or wider.
  • Those who have an idea for sustainable change they want to lead, big or small, for the benefit of others and/or the the planet – or can see where change is needed.
  • Varied industries from self-employed, SME’s, large corporates, government, not for profit, anyone who wants to lead innovative and sustainable change for good.

What we'll discuss

What is disruption? How can we make sure we're not disrupting for the sake of it, and instead disrupting efficiently and ethically?
Explore the complex and fast-paced growth of emerging and disruptive technologies in this constantly changing world.
What are the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges we're faced with, and how can we identify opportunities for change?
Explore and evaluate contemporary, regenerative solutions, with positive outcomes that are built to last.

On the panel

The details

  • Fireside chat: panel of speakers with our facilitator asking questions, and opening the floor to audience questions
  • Tuesday 28th July, 2020
  • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Free online info session delivered via Zoom

What is 'Leading Change for Good'?

The Mind Lab’s Leading Change for Good is a new Postgraduate Certificate* that focuses on leadership and transformation for real, lasting impact where it matters the most. It’s a 34-week programme, with our first intake starting in September 2020, the first of it’s kind in New Zealand.

The programme aims to provide people from diverse industries and communities with the knowledge and skills to effectively instigate and lead collaborations and partnerships, and apply environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable practices for positive impact in times of change.

*Pending NZQA approval