Let's talk about real-world learning
Zoom session

An insightful online discussion hosted by The Mind Lab, all about real-world learning; how it’s done in Aotearoa, what works well, and why it’s important. This event was held on Tuesday 20th October.

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The phrase “real-world learning” can be taken a range of ways… is it learning about the real world? Or learning in the real world? Or perhaps learning through the real world? Regardless of which way you take it, we can all agree it’s vital for the future of education.

Join our expert educators, Milla Inkila and Dr Herbert Thomas, as they discuss and demonstrate real-world learning during an interactive and insightful online event. Join via Zoom, the facilitators will ask attendees to contribute in break-out tasks with their peers. You’ll also get an insight into how The Mind Lab use online tools, and hear from a guest speaker on how they implemented real-world learning into their school.

Let’s talk about real-world learning. 

Meet the team

Milla Inkila, Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab
Dr Herbert Thomas, Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab
Lisa Whittington-Slater, Outreach Manager at The Mind Lab

The details

  • Tuesday 20th October, 2020
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Free interactive session, delivered via Zoom

What is 'Digital & Collaborative Learning'?

The Mind Lab offers a postgraduate certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning, which is a part-time course for educators delivered over 35 weeks. This programme covers real-world learning, as well as a range of other future-focused teaching and learning methods to help you bring your teaching into the new era.

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