Let's talk about HyFlex learning

Hybrid, Remote, Distance, Online, Flexible learning…. the world has changed rapidly and our classrooms have changed along with it. With new challenges of half your students in the classroom and half at home, is HyFlex Learning the solution? Join us as we talk about it.

This event happened on Thursday 19th May, 2022

Why do we need to talk about it?

Frequently The Mind Lab hosts online sessions in our popular “Let’s talk about” series. Previous topics include blended learning, real-world learning and connection & collaboration. These topics are always chosen based on student and educator insight, as well as trends identified by the Ministry of Education.

With the world changing and classrooms changing with it, there are lots of different ways to teach and to learn. We will unpack HyFlex Learning, share insights and resources to support educators in Aotearoa.

Let’s talk about HyFlex Learning. 

Structure of the session

The session will be facilitated by two of our expert educators at The Mind Lab:

One hour session will be broken down as follows:

  • Presentation and research from Milla and Tim
  • Discussion / breakout activity

This free session is designed for

  • Teachers, educators and support staff in Aotearoa
  • Anyone looking for information on how to better adapt to the current climate in the classroom
  • Anyone wanting to understand what HyFlex learning is and how it is different from hybrid, flexible, remote, online and distance learning
  • Anyone interested in further education or postgraduate study

Meet the team

Milla Inkila
Postgraduate Director
Tim Gander
Postgraduate Director
Lisa Whittington-Slater
Outreach Manager