Future of Education Evening, 6pm - 8pm, Wednesday 11th March

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“We need to have a completely different mindset about what we don’t know, we need to all become learners and not rely on the history of information stored in our minds” – Frances Valintine (CNZM)

Is the information that you are teaching carrying your students into their future? 

The Mind Lab is thrilled to announce our Future of Education evening  a time for educators like you to come together to learn, share and explore strategies to integrate the requirements of the real, rapidly changing world into your classrooms. 

Over the past few decades technology and digital applications have resulted in a rapidly changing world. In the educational sector, change isn’t happening as fast as it can, or should. Classrooms sit in the middle of this imbalance and can be exciting, inspiring spaces for you, teachers and educators, to act nimbly and responsively. 

Frances Valintine (founder of The Mind Lab) has gathered intel and insight from around the world, to deliver a picture of the future of work and the role that educators can play in responding to the skills required for that future. Join us for a combination of presentations, panel discussions, Q&A, wine and cheese. We look forward to looking forward with you.

Wednesday 11th March, 6pm - 8pm

Newmarket Primary School, 7 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland