Digital Skills for the Workplace

Employees are facing unprecedented pressure to move with the times as businesses move from traditional ways of getting things done to contemporary digital business models.

Programme Highlights

Staying competitive in the new world of digitalisation and connectivity is increasingly focused on collaboration, technology adoption and integration of new digital systems and processes.

While disruptive technologies are not a new phenomenon, it is the rapid convergence of these technologies that have changed customer expectations that is driving massive change (eg. scheduled television was replaced with highly personalised ‘always on’ digital content streaming from the cloud to your home screen).


Digital skills are not just technological skills

They are the foundation of the framework that supports and responds to the changes happening in the workplace. There is no doubt that new technical tools are needed to fully embrace progress, but due to the exponential rate of advancement, a complete transformation has replaced slow and steady adaptation. Transformation of business processes and systems requires much more than just tools, it requires changing mindsets to encourage curiosity, and innovation. Success requires preparing for a whole new work environment – a more digital environment.

Digital Skills for the Workplace is a short, sharp and highly focused programme that is approved by NZQA as a micro-credential (another great example of innovative new thinking around qualifications that respond to changing workplace needs and the future of work).

As with all Mind Lab programmes the learning will be highly practical, collaborative and your new skills will be immediately applicable in your workplace. In other words, you will use real-world scenarios and hands-on learning to develop your new knowledge and skills.

Digital Skills for the Workplace is a NZQA approved micro-credential course (Level 7, 15 credits). 


$295 incl GST – you literally need to find a reason NOT to do this. 


February Intake
Starts Saturday 15th February, 2020 & Finishes Friday 3rd April

May Intake
Starts Saturday 2nd May & Finishes Friday 19th June

Starting with one full day workshop on Saturday 15th February, 2020. Followed by two morning workshops on Saturday 22nd and 29th February, 2020. By the time you head into the study week, you will be half-way there. On the Saturday 14th March, 2020, you will move to online sessions run via an online facilitator and self-directed learning. By the time April rolls around you will be a digital skills superstar – ready for all the new decade will bring.


The Mind Lab, 3b Melrose Street, Newmarket, Auckland

Course Content

  • Applied technical knowledge across a range of digital solutions relevant to professional settings
  • Hands-on experience of the digital environment with real-world, challenge-based problems
  • Analysis and evaluation of emerging digital tools
  • Experience of tools and techniques driving the digitalisation of processes and systems 

Course Structure

Blended learning with face to face classes and online sessions.

21 hours face to face (1 full day plus 3 x 4-hour sessions) 

Additional weekly self-directed learning supported by our online platforms (e.g evaluating tools relevant to your work/project, online content, assessment) 

Weekly schedule

February Intake

Week 1: Saturday 15th Feb (9am – 5pm)
Week 2: Saturday 22nd Feb (10am -2pm)
Week 3: Saturday 29th Feb (10am -2pm)
Week 4: STUDY WEEK (Sat 7th March)
Week 5: Saturday 14th March (online sessions only) 
Week 6: Saturday 21st March  (online sessions only)
Week 7: Saturday 28th March (10am – 2pm).    

May Intake

Week 1: Saturday 2nd May (9am – 5pm)
Week 2: Saturday 9th May (10am -2pm)
Week 3: Saturday 16th May (10am -2pm)
Week 4: STUDY WEEK (Sat 23rd May)
Week 5: Saturday 30th May (online sessions only) 
Week 6: Saturday 6th June  (online sessions only)
Week 7: Saturday 13th June (10am – 2pm).