Code of Conduct

The Mind Lab Code of Conduct

The Mind Lab Code of Conduct applies to:
● All staff members at The Mind Lab
● Contractors that provide services to The Mind Lab
● All students of The Mind Lab
Aspirations of The Mind Lab:
● The Mind Lab is dedicated to enhancing digital literacy capability and the implementation
of contemporary practice in the teaching profession. We aim to deliver flexible, blended,
applied, and progressive postgraduate qualifications specialising in digital and
collaborative learning.
● The vision of Tech Futures Lab¹ is to build business success and personal capability, to advance and develop tech-enabled businesses, and to positively impact communities.
● Programmes delivered by The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab seek to promote lifelong learning of all individuals and groups in all industries and sectors as they embrace the digital revolution and certainty of change that is reflected in the world we live in.
● We continually seek to encourage professionals, leaders and employees to thrive in and embrace a world being redefined by technology.
Our Values:
It is important that we all understand this Code of Conduct, and enact its principles in our
everyday work. No matter what role you are working in we are all expected to model the
standards described below:

We act with integrity and respect

  • Be transparent about the way we make decisions, carefully consider those who might be
    affected by these decisions, and the impact of these decisions on others.
  • Give credit to the work of other staff and students when appropriate
  • Protect private and commercially sensitive information and data as required by law
  • Be truthful and honest in how we work and the work we produce is authentic and accurate
  • Keep promises and listen carefully
  • Tell the truth and don’t talk about others unfairly

Treat people fairly and respectfully

  • Treat all staff, students and visitors of The Mind Lab with dignity and respect
  • Always communicate professionally
  • Be fair and consistent in our treatment of everyone associated with The Mind Lab
  • Respect others decisions
  • Embrace difference: We respect everyone’s values and include everyone, no matter their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, disability, political opinion or employment status.
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Believe in second chances

Be responsible and safe

  • Have fun, but be safe
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failures
  • Be aspirational and set personal expectations that help you grow you as a person
  • Be budget conscious and resourceful

Work collaboratively

  • Work to the best of our ability
  • Strive to improve our skills and capabilities and proactively seek opportunity for professional development
  • Promote within
  • Seek advice if you are unsure: we trust you to make good decisions, but seek advice if you are unsure.
  • Provide flexibility
  • Don’t take advantage of trust
  • Put students at the heart of everything we do

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The Mind Lab Privacy Policy

Academic and Professional Integrity
Academic and Professional Integrity means intellectual honesty with regard to the use of

Academic and Professional Dishonesty means any behaviours, including cheating and plagiarism and any other academic or professional misconduct
Academic and Professional Integrity relates to meeting moral and ethical principles in educational and professional settings. At the Mind Lab, we are committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standards of respect, integrity and personal and professional conduct. We
hold all students to the same high standards. The Mind Lab:
1. Requires all staff and students to conduct their work with Academic and Professional
2. Will develop strategies to promote Academic and Professional Integrity, and reduce
potential opportunities for Academic or Professional Dishonesty
3. Will take equitable action to deal with any incidents of Academic Dishonesty by students
a. Communicating to students that any piece of work submitted for assessment can
be checked for authenticity at any time by The Mind Lab
b. Implementing a common penalty process across The Mind Lab through the
Student Disciplinary Policy, and communicating the associated disciplinary
appeal process
c. Establishing and applying appropriate, consistent procedures for detecting and
investigating alleged Academic Dishonesty

4. Will take equitable action to deal with any incidents of Academic or Professional
Dishonesty by staff.


1. Tech Futures Lab is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Mind Lab. All policies and procedures of The Mind Lab also apply to Tech Futures Lab. Terms and Conditions, Policies and Declarations that relate to The Mind Lab also relate to Tech Futures Lab unless expressly stated otherwise.