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Press release: 2022 scholarship funds increase to $1.35m breaking barriers to learning

Innovative tertiary education provider The Mind Lab and partner organisation Tech Futures Lab are so committed to helping Aotearoa prepare for the future that they have just released new scholarships. The additional funding round gifts $1.35 million this year, with a particular focus on giving more people outside of Tāmaki Makaurau the opportunity to embrace lifelong learning and be digitally agile.

Stepping up to meet the unexpected demand for scholarships, The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab have significantly increased their investment. Since well-known educator Frances Valintine founded The Mind Lab in 2013 and Tech Futures Lab in 2016, the total offered in scholarship funding is more than $12 million. 

“At a time when life, work and careers have changed so significantly across the motu it’s imperative that all adults continue their learning and growth journey,” says Frances. “Lifelong learning needs to be more than a catchphrase, it should be part of how we plan for our futures. As job functions and careers change, we need to continue to build our skills and knowledge as a nation, so we can do the type of work we want to do while still having job security. The scholarship funds remove key barriers for many adults, particularly those who live in a regional or rural setting and want to keep engaged and current.”

In this new funding round, there are three distinct scholarship funds. With up to 100% funding for tuition fees available for students around the country to join their flexible, online programmes, access to tertiary education is dramatically improved for those eligible. In this round, the priority is to create more educational opportunities for people in the regions, those over 50 years old and those making an impact.

The three funds include the Regional Productivity Scholarship of $250,000. This fund provides 100% funding to support people outside of Tāmaki Makaurau to get into postgraduate learning by removing the cost of tuition and making any travel to Auckland to be part of full-day workshops more accessible. As well as the regional funding, there is the Impact Scholarship of $100,000, offering 50% funding to help people who are making a difference for communities and the environment. The Taipakeke Scholarship of $100,000 covers 100% funding to empower people over the age of 50 to keep learning, contributing and building on their solid career experiences. These scholarships are awarded on a first-in-first-served basis for those who meet the programme entry requirements.Explains Frances: “What people learn is as important as how they learn and how we do that at The Mind Lab is entirely different to traditional education. Our learners often comment how the collaboration and connection with others on our programmes is a real highlight of their learning experience, so we want to make that easier for people juggling cost priorities. This new funding substantially extends the difference that can be made in peoples’ lives by enabling people the ability to develop new skills that are practical and immediately applicable while at the same time, building confidence in their futures as the world changes around them.” 

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