Exciting 2022 updates for our Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential

The Digital Skills for the Workplace (DSW) micro-credential is a popular seven-week course aimed at improving digital skills and building your confidence for working in the online landscape. We discuss what’s new in the course for 2022 with Lead Facilitator Becks West and Programme Coordinator Emma Grobart.

What is the Digital Skills for the Workplace (DSW) micro-credential?

DSW is a Level 7 NZQA micro-credential and it is essentially a crash course that upskills you for the ‘now’ and ‘future’ of work, and covers the digital proficiencies and tools you need to succeed. The programme is delivered entirely online and marries self-directed learning with weekly interactive video classes and breakout room discussions, as well as wraparound support from our facilitators.

Underpinning the course is a real-life project for each student focused on a particular task or tool that will improve your professional life. Our course has been a conduit for students to learn to update their websites, develop E-commerce platforms, upskill for new jobs or implement project management software for their businesses, to name a few. Once you get hands-on experience with a few key digital tools, suddenly the entire digital landscape feels easier to navigate! The DSW micro-credential has upskilled over 500 Kiwis since its inception in 2020.

“DSW helped me to learn about the digital tools available to help me grow my business, with greater confidence. I started up my business 6 weeks before the August 2021 lockdown, and I knew I needed to get a better grip on social media and online presence. I signed up to the course with a little bit of apprehension as I had not studied in a long time. I need not have worried! We had an awesome and experienced Facilitator and Programme Coordinator guide us and I met some fabulous small business owners. I got introduced to so many different tools and the learning I took from each class I could use straight away to help me with my business. 

The course well exceeded my expectations. As part of the course, you put together a plan, and this has helped much so much to achieve my goals. As a new business owner, it was great to collaborate with others, gain knowledge, share ideas, and feel encouraged within a community of learners. I highly recommend DSW to anyone who wants to develop their digital skills.”

-Kirsty, DSW student & graduate

What’s new for the DSW course in 2022?

This year, we are teaching Digital Skills for the Workplace on our new platform, Ako Mai. This platform facilitates more self-directed learning, and means we can focus more on the ‘doing’ and discussion in our classes, because learners will already have the background information they need to jump right in.

Our Zoom sessions are now one hour instead of 90 minutes, which gives our learners more freedom to fit their lifestyle around the course and peruse the pre-session content whenever suits them.

We are also introducing a few new tools in 2022: Conceptboard, a collaborative online whiteboard platform, and Loom, which is a great tool for making short videos, screen recordings and video messaging.

Could you share a bit more about Ako Mai?

Ako Mai is a new learning system that we have developed to better suit the needs of Mind Lab learners. To us ‘Ako Mai’ means ‘learn with us’; the platform facilitates a more reciprocal, agile way of learning and teaching compared to the standard tertiary learning platforms.

It is the hub for all week-by-week course content, tasks, assessment details and feedback. Ako Mai gives students opportunities to work through pre-session content and consider how the course relates to their own work context, while easily tracking their own progress, all in one easily navigable database!

Ako Mai allows for more quality time in our classes, because students arrive prepared to ‘deep dive’ into the tools and collaborative activities. We are so excited to jump into this improved learning environment with our learners!

Are there scholarships available for the Digital Skills for the Workplace course?

We offer several The Mind Lab scholarships for DSW:

·  Tangata Whenua – full fees scholarships for Māori learners. 

·  Pacific Ako – full fees scholarships for Pacific learners.

·  Taipakeke – full fees scholarships for learners who are aged 60 years and over.

·  Impact – 50% fees for learners who can demonstrate that their study is supporting positive impacts for communities or the environment.

Also, through our partnership with the Digital Boost Alliance, we are offering 250 full scholarships for the DSW programme this year! Digital Boost is a free, government-backed digital training platform for small businesses; any user of this platform can apply for the DSW scholarships.    

Learn more about our scholarships and how to apply here.

If you’re interested in the Digital Skills for the Workplace course, you can download our DSW information pack or reach out to us to learn more.

Now is the time! Apply for the Digital Skills in the Workplace micro-credential here.

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