Frances Valintine on the what, why and how of micro-credentials

Professional development isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s a necessity that allows you to remain relevant and continue to create solutions that deliver value to the business, community or organisation you work with.

But squeezing learning into a busy schedule can feel challenging.

That’s why we designed a range of new micro-credentials. Perfect packages of high quality learning that are delivered in manageable and practical formats. Think of them like a ‘crash course’ on the future – bringing you up to speed on what matters today but also what’s critical for a thriving future. 

Delivered online, with a combination of self-directed learning and live-online weekly sessions – these courses are accessible from wherever you are. For an educational breakdown on what a micro-credential is, read this interview with our National Academic Manager, Hayley Sparks.

“The idea of professional development is both exciting and a necessity.” Frances Valintine, Founder & CEO of The Mind Lab, explains why it’s worth taking on a micro-credential.

What’s on offer

At The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab our range of micro-credentials support professionals and educators to plug in areas of expertise that level up your capabilities and fast track your career. You’ll leave these short format courses with sound understanding in a specific area and an NZQA and industry recognised credential.

Leading Beyond Sustainability: A compact online course covering a range of innovative and diverse approaches to sustainability underpinned by indigenous values. You’ll walk away with knowledge, tools and capability to help you begin to make practical and positive changes in your context. 8 weeks, part-time.

Digital Skills for the Workplace: A practical course to improve digital skills and build online confidence. You’ll get hands-on experience with useful digital tools that you can take straight back to your workplace or small business. 7 weeks, part-time.

Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning: Gain the perfect combination of pedagogical foundations and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with our self-paced micro-credential for educators. 15 weeks, part time.

Our sister organisation, Tech Futures Lab also offers two micro-credentials: Disruptive Technologies and Internet of Things for Sustainability.

Why do a micro-credential with The Mind Lab?

Learners are at the heart of everything we do at The Mind Lab – we live by this with our teaching and learning strategy Te Ara Kōtihi (the pathway to success) and by being underpinned by kaupapa Māori values. So while we are dedicated to supporting people to refresh their skills and extend their capabilities with contemporary knowledge and practices, we also understand it needs to fit in and around life. 

Micro-credentials are ideal for today’s busy lives. Comprising both self-directed learning and weekly live-online class sessions, our schedules recognise the need to balance work and wellbeing.  

“Make sure your career will progress forward.”

Our strong industry network and focus on applied practical learning means all our micro-credentials have been designed in collaboration with the real world. There’s no outdated theory based learning, no textbooks and no long winded lectures. And because of their short, sharp, deep learning nature, you’ll gain that satisfaction of being able to apply your new knowledge immediately.

They’re also a perfect way to get back into the professional development journey. Our contemporary micro-credentials offer bite-sized learning at its best. Highly interactive and engaging, we use leading digital tools for maximum collaboration with your cohort.

“Take one, build on it. Sign up for a number and stack them.”

And our micro-credentials are stackable too. That means if you’re loving the learning, you can cross credit into one of our postgraduate programmes. Or finish one and sign up for the next. Once that door is open, you’ll be hungry to keep refreshing your knowledge and collaborating with others who are enjoying the learning experience too.

“Get upgrades of knowledge that’s changed over time.” 

Get back into learning with our micro-credentials. Contact us today about the skills you want to develop and the goals you have for your career and future, or view more about one of the programmes below.

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