6 digital secrets our staff swear by

The sheer number of different digital tools available today can be pretty overwhelming. How do I choose? Which are the most popular? Are there any great free ones? We get it! In fact, our team have been there, wondered the same things, and would now like to share their favourite digital discoveries to date. Keep reading for the digital tools and time-savers behind The Mind Lab.

Bex, Project Manager

Photograph of Bex Taylor, Project Manager at The Mind Lab

Bex is a big fan of the ‘Schedule Send’ function available on Gmail – it was a lifesaver when she was working remotely from New York. It allowed her to write emails during local daylight hours and schedule them to send at 9am in the morning New Zealand time. Time difference? Huh? What time difference? 

For NZ-based readers however, schedule sending can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Maybe you could prepare and schedule weekly reminder emails in bulk then cross them off your to-do list for a couple of months?

Britta, Marketing Manager

Britta’s never been one to miss a deadline or meeting. Everything happens ahead of time in her world…The secret? Trello!

Trello is a Kanban-style project management software that lets you manage workflows and to-dos with ease. Simply drag and drop your task from column to column as it progresses along its life cycle. Spruce your board up with an emoji or two – maybe the high 5 emoji would be a nice touch for the ‘Done’ list?

Charlie, Front of House

When one of our staff members has a birthday, Charlie’s card is always the coolest. The best thing? They’re always digital, and he designs them himself. 

He whips them up on a site called Canva. It’s a graphic design platform that can be used to create a variety of different documents, such as animated social media graphics, presentations, posters, CVs and business cards. It equips the average person with the ability to make visually appealing content in seconds. There’s a time-saving template to fulfill every need!

Fee, General Manager

Fee runs the place round here, which means she’s always fielding phone calls. Her digital secret is making full use of the voice activation feature on her iPhone (Android users can check out these helpful tips).  

Fee uses Siri to call certain people, to pick up the phone hands-free, to create reminders, to set timers and even record a voice note when an important thought comes to mind. You could call Siri her right-hand-woman.

Voice activation capabilities vary depending on the phone. A quick Google search will reveal what yours is capable of!

Hayley, National Academic Manager

Hayley’s a busy lady, so having 15+ internet tabs open at once is pretty standard. However, she always struggled with locating the right tab when she needed it.

The Group Tab function on Google Chrome was her saving grace. It lets you collate tabs that relate to the same topic, project or class, and hide them away when not required. Think of it as a folder system for your browser! Oh, and did we mention you can colour code them?? Sold.

Milla, Postgraduate Director

You’ll never catch Milla without a smile on her face. The reason? She hasn’t had to worry about her spelling and grammar since August 2015!

She’s used Grammarly since that time, which checks and perfects every written communication or document she creates – emails, word docs, the lot. No more mixing up ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ for Milla. Grammarly’s premium version even gives her an indication of the overall tone of her writing, which helps her avoid ambiguity and miscommunications.

We believe there’s a life or business-changing tool out there for everybody. Let us help you find yours and build your confidence navigating the online space with our Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential. 


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