Our take on the impact of teamwork

“Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.”

Debra Mancuso

We’ve heard so much about our team of 5 million that it’s easy to become immune to its power. As we deal with the varied nationwide alert levels, we do know one thing from experience: successful impact lies in team effort.  

At The Mind Lab, we’re big on teamwork; we all work together to make sure that you get the very best learning experience possible, because we know the power of that one life-changing educator. 

We also witness the bonds and relationships that form among our students; we watch as you support, encourage and challenge each other; we never get tired of seeing you discover the impact of collaboration; we celebrate as you experience the joy and freedom of crafting your own unique solutions; and we salute you as you leave us, confident, joyous and filled with the thrill of the next challenge. 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning is a game changer. We have heard countless stories of DCL students being asked to step up and lead change in schools this year, and while we applaud and support every one of them, we also know that change is hard on the individual. It’s not meant to be tackled alone. Our lone intrepid explorers are fierce individuals who soon become part of an embracing whole, but there is no doubt that the change journey is easier when done with others, and with the leadership of a school that is working towards the same goal. 

After the events of the last few months, and currently, there can be little doubt as to the immediate need for digital and collaborative skills in education. 

“For some schools, I know this is incredibly challenging. Thanks to our commitment to DCL across all faculties, we were pretty well prepared for this scenario even though it was never on the horizon.” 

Chris Grinter, Principal, Rotorua Boys High School.

We urge and encourage schools and school communities to become part of the same team, to commit to a common goal and to support their educators to study together and re-ignite their joy of learning, discovery and exploration so that they may pass on that joy to the rest of their team. Schools that have embraced Digital and Collaborative Learning across departments have experienced the transformative power of the programme.

“One third of our staff is currently on Digital and Collaborative Learning at The Mind Lab, and that has created an enabled school with a culture of best practice, of sharing and of excitement in new learning.”

Julie Peterson, Principal, Woodford House

Let’s unite teams of educators to be able to weather change and to transform New Zealand education.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning

A 35-week flexible postgraduate qualification designed to develop capabilities and skills in response to a new generation of highly digital students.