Change is a team effort

In September we are kicking off another Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning (DCL) intake. Our last one for 2020. Quite frankly, looking back at the year so far, it is simply remarkable that together, we have kept on going and are still focussed on learning and inspiring. 

We have a whole new set of catchphrases and jargon such as “the great reset”, not to mention “the only certainty is change”. That second one is especially true. We knew that digital change was coming in education – The Mind Lab was ready for that. What we had not considered was that a pandemic would necessitate digital transformation in education and that the navigation of it would require breakneck speed, agility and a systems rethink.

“Our DCL students had the right skills to transition quickly, creatively and efficiently,” says Chris Grinter, Rotorua Boys High School Principal.

“I doubt any school was better prepared than us by virtue of support from The Mind Lab; lockdown showed us that there is relevance in the programme that we didn’t originally see in the pipeline.”

“Neither did we,” admits The Mind Lab General Manager, Fee Webby, “but that’s the beauty of it; DCL is not about tech, it’s about change and transition. It’s an education on navigating change and being fluid and creative within a hefty, solid framework. The course supports being confidently, bravely nimble.”

Chris agrees, “the biggest surprise was how smooth and seamless it was going into Level 4, and that was by virtue of having such a strong group from The Mind Lab in the school. The message came at 2.30pm and by 3pm the school had made the decision to close the next day. There was no stumble, one day we were in the classroom, the next we were online.”

Rotorua Boys High School had an extra ace up their sleeve: We invested in digital 5 years ago. We did so because we believed that young Māori men would connect with that way of hands-on and kinaesthetic learning; and that was when our journey with The Mind Lab also began”. 

The game changer was investing in the DCL as a school team: “leading change is hard on the individual”, adds Chris.

“We’ve got so many staff who have been through the DCL, that we have a critical mass. We’ve been mindful over the years to spread the skills across faculties. We’re now doing the same with the Master of Contemporary Education.”

Committing to change is one thing, change happens when the collective joins in. The collective joins when it sees positive results.

New Zealand is the best example of the power of a team and the incredible outcomes that can result from a team effort. If schools are looking for transformative, sustainable change, then a school commitment to DCL makes sense. If, however, you are an intrepid explorer and looking to be the change in your school, DCL introduces you to a team of explorers just like you, ready to support, inspire, challenge and uplift you.

And then of course, you have the backing of The Mind Lab team; we are here to help, advise, learn alongside, cry, laugh and love learning! 

Come and be part of the team – you’re so welcome.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning

A flexible postgraduate qualification designed to develop capabilities and skills in response to a new generation of highly digital students, and a highly digital world.