Digital Fluency

Building digital skills and human connection

From Day 1, lockdown was unforgiving in throwing light (or shade!) on those who lacked digital capability. There was no discrimination whatsoever: if you lacked digital skills, you were exposed. And there was no time to fake it till you made it – people needed to be upskilled in real time with immediate results.

The Mind Lab’s Digital Skills for the Workplace has become an essential resource for anyone needing practical, online capability-building. The programme was created as an impactful intensive in response to a need to navigate the online office and digital tools with confidence.

What Digital Skills for the Workplace does can be found here, but it is what it created that has been such an added bonus.

A wonderful outcome of lockdown was the reinvigoration of communities: walking daily around the neighbourhood allowed us to take note of subtle changes in backyards and our corner dairies became a lifeline for grocery essentials. We relearned how to acknowledge others, support them and most importantly, depend on them.

It was just as wonderful to witness the same outcome in our Digital Skills virtual community: what we have relished along with our students is the camaraderie, support, dependance and sheer joy that comes from being vulnerable together.

This programme brings together a kind, compassionate community of people from all levels of business and walks of life, who recognise their digital shortfalls and are willing to do something about it – not an easy undertaking in uncertain times.

Some students are embarrassed and anxious, some are eager and curious but all soon become a cohesive group, bonded by the relief of valued insight, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Within a matter of a few weeks, Slack channels are abuzz with chats, check-ins and inspiration that remain long after the course has finished.

And just like that, it becomes clear that digital skills mirror and enhance human skills: the more comfortable we are with using digital tools, the better we are at connecting, collaborating, creating, supporting and experiencing joy online.

Come and join a community who come to upskill and leave uplifted.

Digital Skills for the Workplace June 2020 intake is open for applications. Delivered entirely online, with live-facilitated classes once a week. You’ll learn digital skills over 7 weeks that you can immediately implement in your workplace.

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