Hey Future! We mean business!

Since its inception in 2013, The Mind Lab has been dedicated to re-igniting education; in learners and teachers throughout New Zealand. We’ve helped over 15,000 teachers to confidently guide students on the journey of discovery and curiosity that is education.

Now, we’re aiming to reach 18-22 year olds with our new programme HeyFuture!

The Mind Lab has been talking about driving change in education to step up to meet the needs of a very different future for years. 2020 will be the first fully digital decade and there is now no denying the fact that problem-solving, collaboration, digital skills, curiosity and creativity are the cornerstones for success in the future.

While the digital transformation has gained exponential momentum, there seems to be a growing number of school leavers unable to find the clarity and direction they need to make decisions about further study or their future. It shouldn’t be surprising given the conflicting advice and examples that they have had to go on:

  • their parents may still be pushing them into traditional career paths that have no relevance in the new workplace they see
  • millennials having mid-life crises at age 30 due to general discontent; and
  • it has been drummed in to them all through school that the jobs they will be doing in ten years time have not yet been invented.

None of this inspires hope, let alone action or clarity. 

On the other end of the scale, businesses in New Zealand are looking for new approaches in the face of change.  

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