Women in Tech – How women are rapidly reshaping our world

In anticipation of our upcoming Techweek’19 event, How women are rapidly reshaping our world, we asked our panel speakers to weigh in on a few topical questions ahead of time. We’re excited to start unpacking these ideas at the event before getting hands-on with a series of collaborative tech workshops.

What does ‘women in tech’ mean to you?

“I take a broad view of “Women in Tech” and include all women working in tech roles, or in tech-focused companies. I’ve found that a lot of initiatives focused on improving the work environment for women working in tech are actually about increasing awareness of diverse needs and making sure that different voices are heard, which I think is great,”  says Katy Pfeiffer, Co-Founder, Town Square.

Eleanor Da Fonseca, Technical Lead, Rush Digital

“To me, Women in Tech is a fantastic community that brings together women in various walks of life to share and learn from each, encourages women to be seen and heard and inspires more women to join the industry. It makes tech feel like a less intimidating place to be and gives young women great role models they can relate to,”  says Eleanor Da Fonseca, Technical Lead, Rush Digital

“Technology should be built by people who look like all of us, not just some of us,” says Greta Gotlieb, UX/UI Designer, Sylo.

Greta Gotlieb, UX/UI Designer, Sylo.

“Everyone benefits from the innovation that comes when different people, with different perspectives, come together to solve problems with tech,”  says Alice Gatland, Co-Founder, Girl Code.

How can we ensure women’s voices are heard within the business-tech industry?

Katy Pfeiffer, Co-Founder, Town Square.

“It’s important to create an environment where different voices can be heard, by being supportive of people who might not speak up as much, or as loudly. Making leaders aware of the potential to discriminate by accident can have a big impact – for me it’s less about big actions and more about the day-to-day work, constantly being aware of how things might affect someone else and what message you’re sending,” says Katy Pfeiffer

“If they can see it, they can be it! More STEM role models,” says Greta Gotlieb

Alice Gatland, Co-Founder, Girl Code

“We all need to be careful what messages we send to the young women in our lives,” says Alice Gatland

“I think the gender imbalance comes down to a lack of relatable role models. You need to be able to see yourself in your future life to be excited about the career path you’re taking. Another major factor is the difference in attitude taught to girls and boys at a young age regarding risk, perceived natural ability and the types of toys and hobbies they are encouraged into,” says Eleanor Da Fonseca.

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Women in Tech – How women are rapidly reshaping our world, WEDNESDAY 22 MAY, 4:00PM – 8:00PM

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