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Encouraging Gender Diversity in Tech through STEM Workshops

Women in Tech – How women are rapidly reshaping our world, Wednesday 22 May, 4 pm to 8:00 pm.

TechWeek is fast approaching and with it a host of significant events including one of our own. Our EdTech Educators at MOTAT are hosting a session dedicated to encouraging gender diversity in tech. How Women are Rapidly Reshaping our World aims to connect a network of support for young women interested in developing a career in tech-related fields.

Along with a panel of industry speakers, The Mind Lab MOTAT and Kids Game Dev will host hands-on STEM workshops to encourage participation, collaboration and build confidence. We asked organisers to weigh in on how participation in STEM workshops might encourage gender diversity in tech?

“We are now in an age where technology is mandatory so by getting involved in the world of STEM women are creating their space and being heard.”

Melissa Brown, Educator, MOTAT.
Melissa Brown, Educator, MOTAT.

“Leaders in education and parents should look into creating opportunities for STEM students. LEOTC programmes, museum visits, partnerships with business, STEM workshops and afterschool programmes can all help ignite a fire for those who may be interested in STEM. Girls who are STEM aficionados shouldn’t feel alone in their interest.”

Joe Chang, Founder of Kids Games Dev, an innovative learning programme teaching game development, believes it’s crucial we address diversity early on in a child’s learning.

Joe Chang, Kids Game Dev

“I think giving young women an opportunity if to see if they have particular interests in STEM fields will help them to discover their passion.  If we don’t and allow archaic societal expectations take over, then they will never know – we would be robbing them of their potential true calling.  We need to actively encourage young women to consider STEM,” said Joe Chang.

The Mind Lab Edtech Educators, Emma Grobart and Kensa Randle say their workshops celebrate learning through failure, learning by doing, and empowering young women to continue their educational journeys in tech.

he Mind Lab Edtech Educators, Emma Grobart and Kensa Randle

“The hands-on nature of workshops encourages you to make a connection with what you are learning and requires the participants to listen and work together. Collaborating in a supportive and stimulating environment helps emphasise an individual’s strength and encourages people to find an interest and connection to STEM,” said The Mind Lab Edtech Educators, Emma Grobart and Kensa Randle.

 “Often when we run workshops, we see girls struggling to start the project. In our experience, a lot of that has to do with wanting to complete the task perfectly the first time around. When we tell our students that we don’t expect them to get it right the first time, second time or even 100th time, and that failure in the learning process is celebrated here at The Mind Lab, you begin to see their perspective on the task at hand change. When we remove the expectation of succeeding the first time we start to see the same girls who were timid at the start of the challenge, take risks in their project and grow in a completely different way.”

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Women in Tech – How women are rapidly reshaping our world, Wednesday 22 May, 4 pm to 8:00 pm. Suitable for 13+-year-olds.

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