International Women’s Day 2019: Better the Balance, Better the World #BalanceforBetter

In support of International Women’s Days 2019 theme of #Balanceforbetter we’ve asked our team to share what this idea of #balance means to them.

“#Balance is about bringing your whole self to work so you can support and be supported.”

Fee Webby, General Manager

“Achieving balance at this time in my life means both redefining and reclaiming my professional identity after having a baby. #Balance means being equally confident in my priorities and capacity as a mother and also as an employee and colleague.“

– Philly Wintle, MTEL Programme Development Manager.

“Every human should feel empowered to pursue their dreams and be aware they are fully capable of doing so. It’s 2019 and we are still living in a society that’s not 100% #gender balanced. There’s no time to be patient for change, every single one of us needs to contribute to equality.”

– Susanne Axelsson, Creative Director.

“Imagine if gender didn’t define our capabilities, rate of pay, or rights. And instead, we are judged by our intelligence, character and compassion. For me that’s #balance.”

Simone Kerr, Public Relations

“I think #balance should be in every aspect of work and life. And balance should be about sharing, like a scale, to get balance, one plate needs to share the weight with the other.”

Darcy Vo Online Educator The Mind Lab Auckland
Darcy Vo, Postgraduate Director

“#balance is about giving everyone access to the same opportunities and to do that we need to first address the inequality between genders. Giving everyone the same thing only works if everyone starts from the same place. Enacting changes to address the inequality requires an environment of change and it takes time and can’t be achieved all at once. It requires constant and consistent intentions led by example.”

Zippo Yap, Office Manager

As a working Mum who juggles a career and family life, I feel exceptionally lucky to have a great husband and a great employer who both support me and allow me to have the best of both worlds. My husband and I are raising our 11 yr old daughter to be the best version of herself no matter what obstacles are put in her way. She is entitled to the same jobs, same opportunities and privileges as her counterparts. We tell her (and her brother) to stand tall and proud, never be afraid to ask questions and know she is not under or above anyone else.”  

Sandy Taylor, Financial Controller

Just like the concept of Yin & Yang – Male and Female complement each other and need to be balanced to maintain harmony. If we can do that, amazing things can be achieved.”

Lorraine Guerin, National Projects Lead

“#Balance to me is the emotional support you get from what all of this represents. The world would work better when we are not looked at as gender, but valued on what we can offer. As an individual, if I can wake up knowing that my contribution is valued – working would be a great walk in the park.”

Tasha Bowen, National Portal Manager

“I believe all people should be looked at, not upon what defines them but from what inspires them. All people have a right to be the best they can be and only with #balance can we achieve that.”

Andrew Bell, Community Manager & Creator
Dr David Parsons, National Postgraduate Director and Andrew Bell, Community Manager & Creator

“As the father of three daughters I have always encouraged them to build their own lives regardless of their gender. The first is a project manager working part time on her Masters, the second runs her own successful business as a personal trainer while studying part time for her degree, and the third is a High School teacher with a Masters degree. All strong, independent women making their own contributions to a gender balanced world.”

Dr David Parsons, National Postgraduate Director

“Let us all be seen, appreciated and respected as human beings, let’s come together to understand and support each other to create a world of balance and harmony.  I’m a surf loving, off road driving, fix it kind of person who wants to lead by example and take on this challenge to create a better balance for us all. Let’s do this #balanceforbetter “

Emily Walpole, EdTech Innovator
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