Student Stories

“It’s an on-the-job apprenticeship of contemporary learning.”

Matthew Eagle – Rongotai College

Matthew Eagle from Rongotai College wanted to make impactful difference in his classroom.

“If we want to see people grow to achieve really transformational outcomes, especially for those who are not achieving in the current system, then we need to do transformational things with our practice.”

It was this realisation that led Matthew to follow his Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning with a Master of Contemporary Education at The Mind Lab.

Matthew says The Mind Lab training instilled him with self-belief to learn new ways of teaching.  

“You become an apprentice. It’s like an on-the-job apprenticeship of contemporary learning.”

The Mind Lab refreshed Matthew’s practice with contemporary methodologies he could then take back to his classroom, while expanding his network with a broad community of teachers.

Matthew says he appreciated being part of something bigger – a growing community of Mind Lab alumni from all around the country leading educational change.

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