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Bookings are open for our October 2018 holiday programme.

NEW: Half-day workshops for 7-12 year-olds

Our new half-day workshops run from 9am to midday every day of the school holidays. Ideal for younger children who might find a full day a little too much, but still want to explore, create and discover at The Mind Lab! Note: we won't be running our full-day workshops this time around for the 7-12s, but check out our...

NEW: 3-day workshop for 12-16 year-olds

We know all too well how fast time flies. One minute your 7-year-old is conquering their very first school holiday programme with us, and the next, they’re 12 and looking for something more challenging! Introducing our new Arduino 3 day workshops….

Working with Arduino board, IDE, Sensors, Actuators, and electronic interfaces such as DC and stepper motors and LCD drivers, your creators will learn the basics of electronic and mechanic (mechatronic) principles in robotics such as dynamics and kinematics through the different projects with gradually increasing complexity.

Over the 3 day workshop your creators will create an Arm Robot and a Mobile Robot. The process of assembling laser cut pieces is an excellent opportunity for young people to comprehend how arm robots work, and they conclude by enhancing the robot design for their next generation robots. Creators will utilize motor and wheel control to move a wheeled robot using joysticks and learn the diverse architecture of motion algorithms such as differential and steering navigation of robots.

Select Tuesday 9th to book the full three-day workshop. 

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